View Full Version : What is Arthur> (PBS Show)

08-16-1999, 05:39 PM
I've never seen it before. I came across it. It looks like well some charachters are rabbits but what is Arthur? Also what is Francine?

08-16-1999, 05:56 PM
Well, its not quite as obvious now. But, if you see some of the earlier books (its originally a children's book series) Arthur is an anteater, for some reason, they decided to shorten his nose, so he looks less like an anteater.


08-17-1999, 12:26 AM
My son used to read the Arthur books. Now, what i want to know is...how in the WORLD do Arthur's glasses stay on? Nothing is holding them up!

Sometimes life is so great you just gotta muss up your hair and quack like a duck!

08-17-1999, 05:23 PM
Arthur is an Ardvark not an anteater. And my two year old loves him. sigh...

08-17-1999, 05:50 PM
OOPS!!! My bad, what a dumb mistake.. I knew that, my mind just capture the first A animal.. duh.
Sorry about that.
Still, I really did read the book when he had a longer nose.


08-17-1999, 11:55 PM
OK what is Francine she looks like a monkey. Of course when I lived in Florida I had one of the guests ask me (I worked in a hotel) "What is Goofy? - A Cow?"

08-19-1999, 06:08 PM
Well for the answer to what animal is Francine, I turned to my wife. She watches Arthur with our daughter. She did not know. I then searched the PBS website and it does not tell. So the answer is, I do not know. Maybe monkey is the correct answer.


08-22-1999, 10:20 PM
I always thought Arthur was a mouse. I haven't spent a lot of time checking out Arthur's bum, though, so I'm not sure whether or not he has a tail. My guess, though, is mouse.

Veni, Vidi, Visa ... I came, I saw, I bought.

07-28-2000, 12:58 AM
Here it is a year later and I STILL don't know what Francine is.

I reckon we got a lot of new people on board so I am gonna bump this up to see if anyone can shed some new light on what Francine is.

07-28-2000, 02:51 AM
I have almost alll of The Arthur books. I don;t think it actually says in any of them what Francine is, but I would guess a monkey.
Also a neat thing about the books, Marc Brown, the author, hides his children's names in many of the illustrations. I don't know if they do anything like that on the TV show, I've only seen it a handful of times.

07-28-2000, 03:35 PM
I seem to recall an episode in which Arthur and his friends are watching a TV show that bears a stong resemblence
to Arthur, and they disagree about what kind of animal the show-within-a-show's Arthur is supposed to be.

07-28-2000, 03:55 PM
I have seen the original "Arthur's Nose" book by Marc Brown and I must unequivocally state that Arthur is in fact an anteater and not an aardvark.

This (http://comptons.com/encyclopedia/CAPTIONS/16788029_P.html) is an aardvark.

This (http://jeannieshouse.com/forest_friends/anteater.jpg) is an anteater.

Here (http://twbookmark.com/books/97/0316111937/) is a picture of the cover of "Arthur's Nose".

Form your own conclusions. Actually, don't. Y'all can see Arthur is supposed to be an anteater.

07-28-2000, 03:56 PM
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know the book site says Arthur is an aardvark. He don't look like no aardvark. He's a damn anteater.

07-28-2000, 05:04 PM
Great, and I thought this was a thread about the son of Uther Pendragon.

07-29-2000, 04:53 AM
Weren't the makers of the TV show recently in big trouble? I remember reading that it was made in Canada, but they had hired American animaters to come and draw it. Cheaper to them, but they still took the money the government gave them because they said they hired Canadian workers. Now, the government has cut nearly half of the funding to the arts because of this.

07-29-2000, 05:47 PM
Oh great so now not only do I STILL not know what Francine is but what Arthur is is under question. :)

OK so what happened to his nose on the TV show??

BTW did you notice how there is NO intermarriage on the show. All the rabbits are married (or divorced) from rabbits. The monkeys marry monkeys etc. Is this a message???

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