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powder king
11-25-2000, 07:57 AM
I'm trying to remember the lyrics to the Fig Newton jingle from the 70's "the big Fig Newton". I remember the "soft and chewy on the inside" part and the last line "THE BIG FIG NEWTON", but the rest of the jingle escapes me. I asked Nabisco, but they were no help at all. There's alot riding on this information, that's why I came straight to the pros. Any help will be appreciated.

Road Rash
11-25-2000, 08:05 AM
Ooey, gooey, tasty chewy inside
Golden flakey tender cakey outside,
put the 2 together and its a good darn tootin
called the Big, Fig Newton (here's the tricky part)
the big, Fig Newtoooon!

11-25-2000, 09:42 AM
From memory, but I believe I'm closer than the previous post in a couple of places:

Oooey gooey rich and chewy inside,
Golden flakey tender cakey outside,
Put the inside in the outside and it's good
Darn tootin'
Doin' the big . . . Fig . . . Newton.
The big . . . Fig . . . Newton.

Johnny L.A.
11-25-2000, 10:52 AM
I agree with rackinsack, except I didn't think he said "Doin' the big...". I thought he said, "It's the big..." At the end the actor struck a pose (standing on one leg, IIRC) and said "Here's the tricky part."

11-25-2000, 12:16 PM
I always thought it was

Chewy chewy rich and gooey inside
Golden flakey tender cakey outside
Wrap the inside in the outside
Ain't it good

You're darn tootin'
It's the big fig newton.

BTW when they did the dance it was the doing the big fig newton

Now here's the tricky part...

Freudian Slit
11-25-2000, 03:18 PM
That was little Homer's bedtime song on the Simpsons. He is a bit like a fig newton...

11-25-2000, 10:46 PM
The song that my brainpan spews forth is:

Ooey gooey rich and chewey Inside
Tender flakey, golden cakey Outside
Wrap the Inside in the Outside
And it's good darn tootin'
Doin' the Big Fig Newton...
(Here's the tricky part)

To those who don't remember, the song was sung by a rather sad looking guy with "no talent" dressed in a Big Fig suit. Balancing on one foot was a stretch for him.

The tricky part is that this jingle has encrusted itself on my brain. Time for a skull wash...

11-27-2000, 05:33 PM
The sad-looking guy with "no talent" was, in fact, Jonathan Winters.

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