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Fear the Turtle
12-17-2008, 12:43 AM
2 years ago I got one of those "Home Theater In a Box" (Panasonic SC-HT740 if it matters) kits that includes a DVD changer and all the speakers/sub-woofer needed for Surround Sound. The DVD player has now died on me for the 2nd time (the 1st time it was under warranty), so I'd like to just replace the DVD player part of the system.

Is this possible? Can I get any DVD player with built in Surround? Or do I need something special, and how would I find it? I'd like to avoid Panasonic for obvious reasons.

Any recommendations? The system I have has a 5 DVD changer, and I've grown kind of fond of that feature, but it is not a necessity.

Cat Whisperer
12-17-2008, 01:45 AM
We have the Sony version of the five dvd changer; we've had it for six years now and use it frequently without the slightest hiccup. I would have thought Panasonic was a fairly good name too, but I can see why you are not in love with them. I think you can just swap out the dvd player, can't you?

On the other hand, we have an LG dvr, and it started acting wonky the second the one year warranty was up. We will not be buying any other LG products.

Fear the Turtle
12-17-2008, 01:41 PM
Thanks for the reply featherlou. I talked to a friend who knows a little about this stuff and basically he said:

If I don't want to go seperate DVD player and amp units, I have to swap out the DVD player for one with a built in amp - but these are basically only sold as Home Theater kits. I could use my existing broken (but only the DVD reader part is broken) unit as an amp then add any DVD player. But since I would be using Digital Audio Out from the TV, there may be sound problems do to HDCP issues. Plus I still have an extra component in my TV stand.

I think I'll just replace the whole system with the Sony HDX275. Looks like I can find one for $250-$300, whereas a stand alone 5 Disc DVD player (which may have sound issues) would still run me around $150-$200.

12-17-2008, 04:16 PM
I wouldn't buy another home theater in a box - you already have speakers. Spend the money on a low-end receiver that will provide surround (as well as be able to do the same for other inputs, like HDTV or a game console). Best Buy has several for around $200.

And have you found five disc changers to be useful at all?

Fear the Turtle
12-17-2008, 05:13 PM
I wouldn't buy another home theater in a box - you already have speakers. Spend the money on a low-end receiver that will provide surround (as well as be able to do the same for other inputs, like HDTV or a game console). Best Buy has several for around $200.

And have you found five disc changers to be useful at all?

If a get a receiver, I'll still need a DVD player. Plus I never liked the sound from the Pansonic system - not sure if it is the amp, sub woofer or speakers. The Sony I'm looking at is suppose to have really good sound.

When I get the 5 disc changer, I thought it was extraneous - but I've come to appreciate it. I can keep all the Netflix movies ready to go (plus a porn or two :-)

12-17-2008, 11:51 PM
Yeah but a basic DVD player is going to be forty bucks. And (since I'm guessing you don't have an HDTV) you'll have to upgrade from this next theater in a box when you start getting HDTV pieces.

Cat Whisperer
12-18-2008, 10:41 PM
And have you found five disc changers to be useful at all?
We find it useful, too - we watch tv series on dvd, so we load up a bunch of seasons and come back to them when we have a moment.

12-18-2008, 10:54 PM
This is exactly why I advise everyone to never buy those sort of units. Never mix an electronic unit (receiver) with a mechanical one (DVD player). Because the mechanical one always breaks down first, and you wind up with the modern version of a B&W TV with a screwed-up picture sitting on top of the color TV with busted sound.

And the depth of my loathing of 5-disk tray style CD or DVD changers knows no bounds.


Because the mechanism that picks up the discs? Sticky tape. I kid you not. The disc tray rotates into position, the arm comes down...and a disc coated with sticky tape picks up the disc to transfer to the playing mechanism! And, inevitably, dust from the room and the discs coats the stupid sticky tape and it starts dropping discs. Which, inevitably, gets jammed into the mechanism. So, now you have a jammed player and scratched discs.

Man, I hate them!

If you must purchase a CD or DVD changer....well, first don't get a CD changer. Rip your CDs to your computer and get a media player. If you need a DVD changer, get one that holds the DVDs on edge. That way gravity will be used to drop the disc into the player mechanism.

Boyo Jim
12-18-2008, 10:58 PM
I got a Sony DVD jukebox that holds and plays 400 DVDs. I love it except for 1 thing -- two-sided DVDs. It is something of a pain to dig out the disk and flip it.

12-18-2008, 11:08 PM
I'm very glad to see this post, because it just cued me to ask a related question: I just bought a Sharp 42 " Liquid Crystal Television, and I had a guy come and set it up for me along with the XBox 360 which I also bought recently.

I have a Kawasaki 5 DVD surround sound home theater system that is now hooked up to it. (I thought they just made motorcycles).

Do I now need to buy a HDTV home theater system to watch better quakity DVD's (BluRay for instance?) or does the tv take care of switching to the new format?

I kinda wanted to watch Polar Express in 3D with my grandson, but wasn't sure if this player could handle that or if the tv was all I needed?

Also where are the places to go to, to donate plasma for the tv's? ;)

That last part was just a joke, LOL :D:rolleyes:



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