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Archer episode 'Vision Quest' - The ending!?

Being a huge fan of the show I'm little embarrassed to admit this but: I just got around to watching the episode Vision Quest on my TiVo. Great as usual, but I don't quite get the ending. Specifically:

When Ray has his hand stuck out of the elevator door and is finally able to get a cell signal they tell him to call Mallory (i.e. Archer's mother). Sterling immediately yells, "No!", and when Ray calls her number the emergency phone in the elevator rings. Everyone pauses, then turns suspiciously to Archer, who says, "I'm not here", then Cyril answers it and its one of Archer's annoying, elaborate VM messages mockingly pretending to be an elevator repair company (i.e. "Are you tired of always being stuck in elevators?" etc.) Then they all attack Archer.

I can't wrap my head around this. According to Mallory it wasn't an elaborate team-building exercise like they thought, so why did her phone number get forwarded to the elevator's phone? And why did it play that VM of Archer's?
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