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Fucking homepage

Marcus Garvey died from reading his own obituary.

Pigeons are one of 3 milk producing birds.

Shel Silverstein wrote the shortest song.

Or so claim the links at fuckinghomepage.com. It's a fun time wasting site but be warned there are a LOT of cuss words there!
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Originally Posted by Lucas Jackson View Post
Shel Silverstein wrote the shortest song.
26 seconds? pffft
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Originally Posted by kaylasdad99 View Post
26 seconds? pffft
C'mon. We can do better than that!
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Originally Posted by kaylasdad99 View Post
26 seconds? pffft
Originally Posted by kunilou View Post
C'mon. We can do better than that!
Got you all beat.
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Who could forget "The Second Waltz", by Les Luthiers?

Here you have it - complete with spoken introduction

NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!

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