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Pearly Dewdrop's Drops

Ah, March 1991.

"Dances With Wolves" was winning 7 Oscars. REM's "Out of Time" was #1 in the U.K. Duke defeated Kansas for the basketball championship. Latvia and Estonia declared independence from the USSR.

I just discovered a mix tape that a girl made for me in March 1991. It's great alternative stuff that I had completely forgotten about, like Hothouse Flowers, Fairground Attraction and the Pogues.

Two songs are by the wonderful Cocteau Twins, and which are almost exact opposites.

One song is "Carolyn's Fingers," which as clear, logical lyrics that you can hardly understand when sung. The other is "Pearly Dewdrop's Drops," which doesn't even sound like English.

A Google search turned up the lyrics. The chorus goes:

We'll get soaked
When Roddy comes
Strings of pearly dewdrop's drops
'Tis a lucky lucky penny penny penny
Buys the pearly dewdrips those


I've searched all kinds of Twins fansites and lyrics databases, but I can't for the life of me figure out what they mean. The music is beautiful, but I'm bothered by my complete ignorance of the lyrics.

Alas, the girl who made the mix tape is long gone, so I'm reaching out to the SDMB community.

What do the lyrics to Pearly Dewdrop's Drops mean?

Jason G

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