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Woodworkers -- attaching handle to head of croquet mallet

I'm looking for the best way to attach the handle/shaft of a croquet mallet to the mallet head. My number one criterion is a firm joint with no play.

Normally the handle end is threaded, like this broom handle, and of course the head is threaded to receive it. In my case the handle ends are turned down (somewhat sloppily) and a (somewhat crappy) plastic threaded tip is screwed onto said end. It's analogous to this broom handle end, which is metal and swaged on but same principle. In my set, one of the plastic tips is broken and I don't quite trust the others. (By the way, broom handle threads and croquet mallet shaft threads are different diameters, not even close.) So I plan to toss the plastic tips and join the handles directly to the heads.

Cutting the proper size threads onto the handle ends could work, but I have no way to do that and no idea how to find someone to do that. If I did find someone I wouldn't want to pay more than five or ten dollars to have the set of six handles threaded.

I'm thinking I could fill the joint with _____? (epoxy, plastic wood, wood glue, ???) and add a ___? inch-long screw going through the head up into the handle to make a solid joint. However, since I don't normally work with wood, I'm seeking advice from those who do.

I also wonder if it's possible to make a good joint that could be easily disassembled and reassembled in some way other than the original threading.

I'll be grateful for your ideas and advice.

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