View Poll Results: Would you hire a sexy cleaner?
I'm a man--yes 13 13.13%
I'm a man--not for me, but as a gift 3 3.03%
I'm a man--no, for moral/ethical reasons 11 11.11%
I'm a man--no, for pragmatic reasons 56 56.57%
I'm a woman--yes 0 0%
I'm a woman--not for me, but as a gift 2 2.02%
I'm a woman--no, for moral/ethical reasons 4 4.04%
I'm a woman--no, for pragmatic reasons 10 10.10%
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Old 05-10-2016, 04:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Bricker View Post
Hells yes! I can be sure they're not stealing anything!
You misunderestimate what things some people could hide where.
So you'd have to check.
Old 05-11-2016, 01:38 AM
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According to the Reddit "Ask me Anything" post, it just means someone who pretends to clean for a bit, and then jerks you off. Only one client of hers actually wanted cleaning, and she felt sorry for the old man--after she got through feeling a bit insulted.

She even laughed at the guy who asked if people ever got the wrong idea--which I thought was a bit strange, since I thought there'd be someone who thought she was a full-on call girl, and not just hand jobs.

So, no, not particularly. An actual cleaning service could seem okay in the right circumstances--when I got bored looking they'd still be cleaning. But that sort of expectation is a complete turn off. Paying for a hand job seems like one of the most impersonal ways to do it, and it's the personal that's appealing about sex.

I'd rather go to those Japanese places where you literally sleep with a woman. There they go for the personal without the sex. (And, yes, my understanding is that they do actually want to avoid sex in these contexts--that such is more acceptable in Japanese culture.)

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