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Would a Pine Marten make a good pet?

Before I start let me say up front that I am not saying I want to go get one as a pet, or that I condone the whole wild-animal-as-a-pet thing. What I'm talking about is... say you found an injured baby one and raised it and nursed it back to health. Would it domesticate? It's a member of the weasel family, and ferrets have been very successfully domesticated. However I've heard that mink, also in the weasel family, don't do well as pets because they are aggressive, (I don't know if it is true or not.) I've read that lions tame well, and tigers do not. Etc. So I was just wondering if anyone knows about the temperament of the pine marten and how it does in captivity.

Am I the only one who thinks that they're obscenely cute?
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Wild animals don't "domesticate" in the sense that they would ever become a domesticated animal. That takes generations. You wouldn't be able to really "tame" it either, but it could become used to having people around. Bu the animal would still be wild and liable to turn on you at any moment. Not a good idea, it's a carnivore.
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I'm not really asking about "wild animals/carnivores in general" I'm asking if anyone knows the specifics about a pine marten. As I mentioned, certain animals are known to do better in domestic situations than others, when raised from infancy. Just wondering at the temperament of the pine marten.
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They're in the same family as ferrets and minks, both of which have been domesticated (the former as pets and for fur farming, and the latter in fur farming only). I've spoken with someone who has pet minks, and she says that they're not a great pet for everyone. While they are affectionate, they bite, and cannot be trained not to. I imagine the situation might be similar with a pine marten: it might bond with you if you raise it from a young age, but there will probably be certain undesirable behaviours (such as biting) that you won't be able to suppress without several generations of selective breeding.

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