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Originally Posted by P-man View Post
When my wife's water broke but there were no contractions, it was suggested that she take some mineral oil to help induce labor. I hit every mom and pop pharmacy along Graham Avenue until I finally found one that was open on Sunday morning and carried the stuff. It induced something, but it wasn't labor.
Perhaps the person making that suggestion was unclear on the concept.
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Originally Posted by Alien Skyraider View Post
Milk of Magnesia, it is safe, works quick, doesn't taste that nasty and in one day your guts will be clean as a whistle. I tried the baby kind once, I could not make it to the toilet and ended up throwing away my perfectly good, yet smelly air bed. Go with the cherry flavored adult one and have an extra 1/2 of a swig just in case...

Just don't confuse it with milk of amnesia... much different effect.

Another vote for prune juice. 6 cups of that will have you squirting real quick.
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Sugar free gummi bears!
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Originally Posted by nearwildheaven View Post
Do zombies use laxatives?

You can't make this shit up.
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Originally Posted by nearwildheaven View Post
Do zombies use laxatives?

Do zombies poop?
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Originally Posted by Litoris View Post
If you want the fastest (same day) laxative that will completely clean you out -- you want to get that Fleet phospho-soda. It is the stuff they have you drink pre-op for major surgery. If you drink it, do not stray from your toilet at all. This stuff is not for the weak at heart/stomach/mind. It will clean you out in a day. While it will actually clean you out in less than a day, it continues working pretty much all day Enjoy.
Fleet's the stuff! Also it's not one of those oily based things so you won't get the uh.. "leakage". It provides a predictable (read: expected ) toilet visit and won't cause an accident. The warning about BE NEAR A TOILET OMG sounded a bit over-reactive.

Another old timey trick is corn silk- from ears of corn from produce aisle. Boil the corn silks, drink the boiled water they were in. It's the same exact ingredient in natural laxatives.
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Originally Posted by Red Barchetta View Post
Well, I've been stuck up for a little while now and just want to get this taken care of in one fell swoop. I have no plans to use laxatives routinely (if ever beyond this one time), so I just want to make sure I get something that works.

Thanks for the suggestions so far.
has anyone mentioned something like this: http://mydr.com.au/medicines/cmis/microlax-enema

10-15 minutes tops
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...Today, 03:10 AM
Originally Posted by madrabbitwoman View Post
has anyone mentioned something like this: http://mydr.com.au/medicines/cmis/microlax-enema

10-15 minutes tops
Today, 03:11 AM
Originally Posted by madrabbitwoman View Post
Now THAT's fast acting.
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Originally Posted by nearwildheaven View Post
Do zombies use laxatives?

Lurch down to the nearest Jugo Juice and order a large Kale Smoothie. Problem solved.
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You need more fiber anyway.

So just get a big jar of that orange fiber stuff, and have a double tablespoon along with a very large glass of water.

My MD suggested a dose of that stuff every nite.

It's not dangerous or habit-forming.
I am not a real Doctor
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A Line of Coke

I can't believe no one else mentioned this but, one small line of coke will do the trick. It's fast-acting, gentle, and of short duration. Many other OTC laxatives are also stimulants, but coke has the advantage, (in terms of laxatives), of coming on fast, and of wearing off quickly.

Of course, there are some drawbacks, most of them due to prohibition, and for some people, it's like Jay's potato chips, (betcha can't eat just one!). But, if you're like about eighty-percent of people, and can take it or leave it when it comes to drugs and alcohol, you might find it useful to keep some around. I wish there were something legal that worked as well.
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