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John Wilkes Booth's... son?

I recently learned of the book "THIS ONE MAD ACT" by Izola Forrester, published in 1937. Forrester was the daughter of Ogarita Booth (1860-1887), who claimed to be the daughter of John Wilkes Booth and his wife Izola Mills D'Arcy. Among other claims, Booth faked his own death and later visited his wife, fathering a son born in 1870 (five years after he was killed).

I'm familiar with the tales of Booth surviving the burning barn, etc., but has anybody read or heard of this book? I'm curious if there's been a scholarly study of it and to what extent it was debunked or trashed. The photographs of Ogarita do indeed bear a striking similarity to J.W. Booth, but the tale ofa son being born to a man who's been dead 5 years but visits his wife in secret sounds a bit like a Victorian alibi.

Any info greatly appreciated.

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