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Name for eraser shavings??!!

This is driving me insane! Could someone PLEASE come up with the name of the little leavings left after using an eraser? Thanks in advance...
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Well, back when I took drafting and engineering graphics (back in the days before such things were done on computers) we called them "eraser crumbs". We had special brushes we would use to clean them off of our drawings too.
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Rich Hall, of Not Necessarily the News created a sniglet for this - I believe it was erdu.
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Eraser Dust.


What I have always heard them called and called them.
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We always used to call them "droppings." Not sure exactly why.
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At Primary School, we used to have desks with a little ditch in it which we used to collect these. We called them "Rubberings"
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Re: Name for eraser shavings??!!

Originally posted by irishman_connelly
This is driving me insane! Could someone PLEASE come up with the name of the little leavings left after using an eraser? Thanks in advance...
If you rub your palms together to create little black rolls of dead skin, they're called BLATTIES (after Dr. David Greenblatt, named in his "honor" during his early hacker days as an MIT student.)

Call 'em "eraser blatties."
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I just posed this question (inspired by this thread) to:

Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association Consumer Information Web Site

Heck, maybe there is a name. If "little plastic cap at the end of your shoelaces" has a name like "aglet"....

...maybe "stuff that rolls off your eraser when using" can be called "rublets".
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A Scum-X pad is a sock-like lump filled with eraser crumbs. You use it to clean up pencil drawings in drafting. One squeezes the sock over the drawing, then rubs the "sock" over the paper.

Not perfect, but better than nothing to get rid of smudges.

"Scum bag" jokes are free...


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