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Whitewashed Windows on Vacant Buildings -- Why?

Why do many vacant buildings have whitewashed windows? I recently saw a newly-vacated business in a strip mall that had the windows whitewashed with little circular patterns. I have seen this many times before, but could never figure out why this is done. It doesn't obscure curious window shoppers; I could easily see into the interior. What is this whitewash anyway? soap? paint?
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Whitewash is a mixture of either gypsum or lime and water. In a construction site where I once worked, an insurance representative showed up and raised hell because the windows weren't taped up. Apparently, it's easy for workers in a partially finished structure to get used to openings without glass and may be caught off guard when these openings suddenly have glass in them. I suspect whitewash is a similar safety thingy. Why it's done in buildings that are just plain old vacant, I don't know.

A few dollars worth of whitewash or tape is cheaper than a thousand dollar sheet of glass.
Old 06-10-2002, 07:10 AM
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It's for the birds.

Guess: Maybe it's to prevent them from flying into the big reflection of the sky in the now empty and drapeless windows.
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Also, your expensive toolbox and power tools will less likely be stolen when unattended if passersby can't glance through the windows.
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The missing drapes idea makes me think it might just be to prevent greenhouse effect. Whitewashing the windows is certainly the cheapest most durable drapery.
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1 Protect the glass from construction dust
2 protect passers by from having to look at construction workers' cracks (or to see the unsightly inside of the vacant building)
3 protect opal from having to look at construction workers' cracks
4 bird warnings
5 person warning (hey there's glass here - don't walk through)
6 easier to see if the glass is broken

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