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American History X Song

In the scene where the morbidly obese character is singing along to that racist song ("My eyes have seen the glory of the tramplin' at the zoo..."), what's the name of that song, and the original artist? Much thanks.
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Off to Cafe Society.

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I haven't seen the film, but based on the lyrics, it's probably that old standby The Battle Hymn of the Republic, written by Julia W. Howe in 1862.
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....but she only wrote the lyrics. The song previously appeared as John Brown's Body in 1859, and first as a Methodist hymn called Say, Brothers, Will You Meet Us? The music was written by William Steffe.

Battle Hymn begins with the line "Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord."
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It's a skinhead chant to the tune of "The Battle Hymm of the Republic" known as "The White Man Marches On". Some skinhead types attribute it to long standing white supremacist musician/moron Johnny Rebel, although I couldn't find any confirmation of that.

Now, I believe I'll have a bath and wash the ick off.

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