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Simpsons checks: How/Where to find/get them

A few years ago, I was behind someone who paid with a check with a Simpsons design on it.

"That's pretty cool/neat," I thought.

But not neat enough to ask the guy where he got his checks.

My bank has about 5 different designs, NONE of which involve the Simpsons, so my question is, do any of my fellow Dopers know where I might be able to get/order some Simpsons checks?

Thanks in advance.
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Designer Checks has Simpsons checks with four designs (Homer, Marge & Maggie, Bart, and Lisa). I can't tell from their web site what the quotes for each are.
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Yeah, there are several places that sell designer cheques. The real secret that many people don't know is that there is no requirement that you get your cheques from your bank. You can even make them yourself at home.
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Forget a quotation mark. Let's try the direct link again: Simpsons checks.
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A check is really just a contract, a promise that your bank will pay this amount. You can write it on anything you want. You could write your check on a rock, or a door, and it is legal between you and whoever you gave it to.

Your contract with the bank to set up the account probably limits the checks to standard sizes, though.
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That's even cooler than my Bugs Bunny checks.
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Originally posted by JeffB
I can't tell from their web site what the quotes for each are.
I can...sort of.

Bart is saying "Man, I wish I was an adult so I could break the rules."

I think Marge is saying "If I weren't a housewife, I think I'd be a homemaker, or maybe a domestic engineer."

Lisa: "It's great to finally meet someone who converses above the normal eight-year-old level."

Homer: "I'm famous for my motivational skills. Everyone always says they have to work a bit harder when I'm around."

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