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On the Barenaked Ladies CD, Stunt, track three is called Light up My Room. It features the lyric :

"A hydrofield cuts through my neighborhood. Somehow that always just made me feel good. I can put a spare bulb in my hand and light up my yard."

So what the hell is a hydrofield? I'm assuming it has something to do with electricity. I asked a couple of Canadians and they didn't know, so I'm guessing it's not a Canadian thing. (BNL are from Ontario)

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Maybe it's a play on words:

Hydroelectric field

They use a lot of hydroelectricity in Canada, maybe there are a lot of high voltage lines to get that juice to the cities.

That's my WAG.
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In Ontario, the big public power authority is "Ontario Hydro", because, yes, most power is produced in hydroelectric generators and dams. The term made it into the vernacular; you pay a "hydro bill", and because you clear out all the trees underneath it, the path of a high-tension line is called a "field".

You can in fact do the trick in question; hold a fluorescent bulb near any line above 16 KV and you can get flickering. Connect a big loop of wire between the contacts on either end and it works even better.

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