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Pleae explain Leo Kottke's "Pepe Hush"

Can someone please explain to me what’s going on in Leo Kottke’s “Pepe Hush”?

The hero (main character?) checks into a fleabag (motel), but can’t sleep in part because it’s dawn and in part because Pepe is making a fuss. Apparently Pepe is a dog. Pepe is very uptight, and bouncing around the room. Why? Then… who is it that falls on the lamp and burns his nose on the bulb – the hero or Pepe? “That drove Pepe crazy” but “The guy is completely unconscious and Pepe’s got his ear to the ground.” Huh? He barked (I assume Pepe) for his mom (the lady, I presume?) and the front desk clerk, but apparently with little effect. The hero then “dreams” he’s going to hurt the woman… but first that damn dog. “Dreams” he electrocutes it, but when he wakes up Pepe is clearly still alive and well (and still barking).

Who’s the hero? What does he have against the woman, except that Pepe is disturbing his sleep? What’s got Pepe so riled up in the first place? I just don't get it.

Full lyrics are easily obtained via Google. Thanks.

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