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PEST OFFense, has anyone tried it?

I hate spiders. I appreciate that they have a place in the world, but that place is not in my house.

I was watching TV recently and I saw a commercial for a product called PEST OFFense. According to their website, it "help[s] control rats, mice and roaches. Others tell us of ants, spiders, squirrels, crickets, silverfish, water bugs and earwigs. Consumers are telling us that the Pest Offense product is an effective pest control product." You're supposed to plug into your electrical wall outlet and it then uses the wires in your home to generate some sort of electrical impulse which irritates the nervous systems of pests causing them to want to leave. It's not an ultrasonic pest repellant, like some of those mosquito repellants, and while those are reputed to either work miserably or not at all, I haven't heard anything about this product.

Has anyone tried this? (someone must have) Have you heard success or failure stories from friends or family? It's reasonably priced, but it isn't supposed to become effective for 2-4 weeks.. and they only offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Any advice or input here would be greatly appreciated.
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I'd be very interested in this too as I have animals around the house and don't like using Raid and such.
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Consumer Reports, the Feds, etc. all agree that these type of things are frauds. They pop up, sell some, get "investigated" by the Feds, agree to refund money (all of which takes a couple years), close up shop, re-open under another name etc.

There is no known electromagnetic or ultrasonic sound that effectively repels even one type of pest, let alone different species.
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Here's the Federal Trade Commission's opinion on electronic pest repellers (the complaint is about that other [rollyeyes] Florida electronic pest control company):

"....The PestContro products purportedly work by emitting ultrasound waves, thereby creating an annoying noise that is audible to certain pests but not to people. The uncomfortable noise supposedly drives pests out of the house or away from an outdoor area. Some PestContro devices also purport to alter the electromagnetic field of household wiring so that pests are driven out of the walls.

According to the FTC's complaint, the respondents do not have a reasonable basis for claims that ultrasound will eliminate or repel pests, including rodents and many insects, from a user's home. The complaint charges as false the respondents' claims that some PestContro devices drive away pests by altering the electromagnetic field of home wiring...."

Save your money (and use it to send me your spiders - I love 'em! ).

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