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Terrorist buying UPS uniforms on ebay?

I saw this on another board: http://disboards.com/showthread....5&pagenumber=1

"Okay, please tell me I am not going crazy or anything.
conspiracy theory,maybe?!?

UPS uniforms,shirts,pants,hats,jackets etc, all official stuff have
going for outrageous prices on ebay.

its who is bidding on this stuff that has me worried. for the past
its about 8-9 people,all new to ebay,all bidding only on UPS
all different sizes,ex. (each seller is bidding on
now totaling almost $45,000 in items.

now i think its suspicious so i called UPS and they dismissed it as
people buying halloween costumes early, but when I called the FBI they
took it a little more seriously and are looking into it.

then i saw on another message board where i post sometimes that
else noticed ups items going for a lot of money lately so i thought
maybe i wasnt crazy after all for reporting this to the FBI.

I dont usually think the worst of things, but to me this smelled
fishy.and I would rather be cautious than not say anything at all.

am i crazy or do you think there is something to this??

it all started around thanksgiving when i heard that ups had put out a
bobble head doll and I was looking for one for my ups driver,when i
a search for ups stuff i saw how high some of the uniforms were going
for. It didnt fase me until I did a search a few weeks ago and started
to see some more outrageous prices $550 for a jacket,$400 for a
shirt,etc . I have been dealing with ebay for a few years now so i
did a
search on completed items and started to see a trend with all the high
bidders, they are all new and all only bidding and winning ups
items. I looked at all the completed items they won and saw a trend.
just started to look weirder and weirder. then with all the press here
in new york about 5 people possibly coming in from canada,etc and with
everything that happened on 9/11 I just felt like this didnt feel

I was editor in chief of my school news paper and have always been
inquisitive so I guess I just went with my gut and researched and
researched some more on ebay and saw that between these 9 new people
the past month they have spent almost $45,000.00 only on ups clothing

Here is one example: http://search-completed.ebay.com/sea...ty=MetaEndSort
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Since I just cut and pasted the piece, I thought that I would comment here.

Personally speaking, it does seem odd that people are paying large amounts of money for crappy old ups uniforms. Even collectors wouldn't pay $400 for a pair of UPS pants.

I know ebay bidding can get out of control. I sold some old junk once and people bid through the roof for old 80's toys that I had hanging around.

However since 9/11 our paranoia has increased and every little thing now is considered suspicious.

What does everyone else think??
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On the bright side, it might not be terrorists.

It might be robbers!

<runs quickly, ducking as she goes>
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Or it could just be couples who are trying to add a little spice to their romantic life with a little bit of Role-Play.
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Or that they are being bought by a current employee or
lawyer for UPS who is trying to keep
that stuff *out* of the general public's hands. It wouldn't surprise
me if there is a "all clothing
is property of UPS" clause in their employee contracts, and UPS
is trying to prosecute any employees
or ex-employees selling the stuff. Just a guess.

Also I've been told UPS=United Pot Smokers

And that a lot of grunge type bands will wear old uniforms.
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Originally posted by SC_Wolf
Or it could just be couples who are trying to add a little spice to their romantic life with a little bit of Role-Play.
That's the first thing I thought of. Then I thought me + UPS uniform = wife laughing her butt off. Oh well...
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Ya know... a UPS guy without his truck would be AWFUL suspicious.

And if the terrorists hijacked the ups truck, then they could very well steal the person's clothing who was driving it.
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Originally posted by CRorex
And if the terrorists hijacked the ups truck, then they could very well steal the person's clothing who was driving it.
I don't know about your UPS guy, but from the pics I've seen of Osama and his ilk, you could stuff 4 or 5 of 'em into our driver's drawers.
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Good Lord, what might they be planning with all the Fiestaware they've been accumulating?
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Originally posted by SC_Wolf
Or it could just be couples who are trying to add a little spice to their romantic life with a little bit of Role-Play.
How it would work in my house:

UPS-clad welby: Hey, baby, I've got a . . . .package for you.

welbywife: I thought UPS only delivered big packages. Something that size you'd have saved money at the post office.
Master of Parody TM

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I'm sorry, but if I can't buy large quatities of UPS clothing over eBay without arising someone's suspicion, then the terrorists have already won.

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There may be something behind this, though most likely not terrorist nor even robber.

However, looking through auction results on the third page, one finds that "masked" (means the person is either new or changed their ID recently) high bidder "googy200bonus" purchased at least five UPS workshirts, for a total exceeding $1,000. Another masked user, "HollowPhil," has purchased at least two workshirts, for more than $300. In fact, it seems all the people who have purchased shirts or jackets have been 'masked,' and are limited to just three or four different buyers, for thousands of dollars of sold merchandise.

It's rather weird.
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I wouldn't be suprised if UPS was just an alias for a certain narcotic (United Pot Smokers as someone said), and they weren't selling shirts but weed. I'm sure TONS of stuff like that is all over ebay.
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I like your thinking SuziQ. That seems very strange, and it's our duty to keep our eyes out for the strange. At least that is our duty as far as the SDMB community goes.
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The United Pot Smokers idea sounds like a likely possibility to me.

Once (maybe a couple of years ago), I typed "smack" into Ebay's search engine on a whim. I got back hundreds of results that said things like "Smack! Street grade!" and "Smack! 100% pure!"

I'm sure that they've gotten more clever since then.
Reality is an illusion caused by lack of alcohol.
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I mentioned this to my UPS driver, and he certainly didn't think you were nuts. He said it was really odd for people to be buying UPS stuff at all, much less paying high dollar for it. (heh heh, he IS a UPS driver and all)

$500 for a regular shirt? Heck, he said he has several just sitting around the house, they get them for free from UPS, everything but the socks I guess.
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Something strange is going on all right. If we assume that it is real clothing being sold, then even if one person is buying most of it, a lot of people must be bidding to get the price that high, right? Are the various terrorists groups bidding against each other, and only the really well-funded ones winning?

If on the other hand, we assume that it is a code word for something more illicit, eventually some real UPS worker is going to be inspired by the ridiculously high prices into selling his or her laundry. That in turn will lead to a seriously disappointed buyer, and possibly even a dead UPS worker.

I can't see anything but tragedy at the end of this one.
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Hmmm this is bizarre indeed. I wouldn't be surprised if Splanky was right.
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To paraphrase the lady at the Houston FBI office: "Although it certainly is unusual, there'd be nothing we can do about it."

Hm. Interesting, I guess..
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Would the 6'4 UPS hunk that delivers at my office please come back. I want to get in your uniform.. OOPS i meant BUY it ! hehehe
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Some people just really like the UPS aesthetic.

(This link is just barely safe for work.)
"I'll take care of the shipping if you look after the handling, sweetie."[/cheeseball]

My best guess is that those few "masked" bidders have a bunch of UPS uniforms themselves and are engaged in a misguided attempt to increase their perceived value.
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Notice that many of the ads also have Emo and Punk in the tittle.

Its a fashion thing....

Kids today.
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Apparently, my old dominos shirts are worth something as well
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It's not a fashion thing. If it were, FedEx and the like would be going like hotcakes as well. Not to mention you could make a faux UPS shirt for much less than $400. My guess is it's either a money laundering scheme or some sort of disguise to sell drugs.
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Why would terrorists want them?

So they can go up to the New York Stock Exchange and leave a card saying

"We tried to make delivery of your bomb, but you weren't home. Please come and collect the thermonuclear device at the depot"

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People buy police patches for my city on ebay. Whats the deal with UPS uniforms? They look pretty easy to duplicate from stuff at macys or lane Bryant.
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<Or it could just be couples who are trying to add a little spice to their romantic life with a little bit of Role-Play>

er, have you guys ever seen a naked UPS driver? They get funny tan lines!
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I think that's supposed to be part of the appeal.
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Um, the drug thing makes no sense...would you send someone 1,000 for marijuana if you did not know the quality of the drug or the person selling it?

and if you already knew the person, why would you use ebay?
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I tend to agree with that "makes no sense" sentiment.
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Just a post-script


At the water cooler
Person in brown works for UPS

If you don't have enough on your mind these days, some Internet pranksters are trying to sow worries about terrorists dressed as your friendly, trusted UPS delivery person.

An e-mail "alert" making the rounds reported that "UPS uniforms have been purchased over the last 30 days by person(s) unknown on eBay. Law enforcement is working the case, however no suspect(s) have been identified. Subjects may try to gain facility access by wearing these uniforms."

Relax, UPS spokesman Norman Black says, and don't worry about the report. "Call it urban legend or call it hoax, there's nothing to it." There are, however, several UPS-logoed items such as jackets, shirts and even socks for sale on the auction site.

UPS drivers in brown uniforms are an unlikely target for impersonators, because most companies know their delivery person, he said. Genuine UPS drivers also are easy to spot because they always carry a brown minicomputer used to track packages.

"If you have any question about whether or not that is a UPS driver knocking on your door, don't open the door," Black said. Instead, dial 1-800-PICK UPS. The company can verify that a delivery is scheduled, or you can make alternative arrangements for picking up your package.
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Just to add one more thing...


Washington Post | 8 April 2003

Consummate Consumer
UPS Rumors Are Uniformly Wrong

By Don Oldenburg
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, April 8, 2003; Page C10

Should we beware of UPS deliveries? That's what a Maryland reader
asked last week after receiving a troubling e-mail supposedly
reporting that $32,000 worth of the service's famous brown uniforms
were purchased on eBay over the last 30 days.

Circulated in the intelligence, law enforcement and security community
since February, various versions of the e-mail have now leaked into
public in-boxes and a few online discussion groups. And with the
threat of terrorism raising public vigilance, what would otherwise be
an innocuous report today raises concerns of al Qaeda operatives
impersonating UPS drivers.

"This could represent a serious threat as bogus drivers can drop off
anything to anyone with deadly consequences," warns the e-mail. It
added that two federal law enforcement agencies had verified the
report as valid.

But the e-mail apparently is an unsubstantiated rumor or a hoax.

"It's not real," assures the security officer at an Internal Revenue
Service branch office who sent it to other security offices. He says
he issued a follow-up last Monday clarifying that the UPS scare wasn't

Both agencies named in the e-mail as validating the story deny it and
say the UPS tale is unfounded. But they add that intelligence and law
enforcement agencies are taking "very seriously" any theft of military
or law enforcement uniforms, and a couple of investigations are

"We would be interested or concerned about any activity that could
threaten security," says Harold Scott, spokesman for the Bureau of
Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

The FBI has debunked several similar UPS stories since the Sept. 11,
2001, terrorist attacks.

UPS spokeswoman Susan Rosenberg in Atlanta says the e-mail has been
"thoroughly investigated" by the FBI and local law enforcement. "It is
the urban legend of missing uniforms," she says.

EBay spokesman Kevin Pursglove also says the UPS story "comes up

Since the 2001 terrorist attacks, the largest online auction site has
barred sales listings of UPS or any other contemporary delivery
service uniforms, including airline uniforms.

Rosenberg says UPS requires employees -- even peak-season and
temporary workers -- to turn them in when they leave the company. The
company has occasionally bought back UPS shirts, trousers and jackets
that slip through the cracks and go on sale.

"We carefully guard our uniforms," she says, adding that,
coincidentally, for the first time in 41 years, UPS is modernizing its
UPS shield logo.

UPS also runs background checks on its delivery personnel. "There is
no threat on buildings or people based on deliverers fraudulently
wearing UPS uniforms," says Rosenberg.

Anyone suspicious of a UPS driver should ask for his or her UPS
identification. "In this time of have heightened awareness," she says,
"you can't be too careful."
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..I am a UPS driver and i had a kid(maybe 16-17) on my route who i saw every day..everyday he ask me for a shirt..i gave in and gave him a new visor one day and he was thrilled..the next day he had a couple of friends over and they begged me for stuff,we negotiated and the next day i turned 3 shirts,3 visors and 1 old winter coat into $200........just pulled out the name tag sewn in so there was no trace....by the way,speaking of EBAY..we get these little UPS NASCAR trucks and cars all the time at work and i could ask any amount i wanted and they would be scooped up..even the NEXT DAY cardboard envelopes with Dale Jarrett were easy to sell...NASCAR people are crazy
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And once again we have the Internet to thank for spreading a completely and utterly false "rumor" off as truth.

Information Superhighway my ass.

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