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Sexuality: The Kivin Method and the X Spot

In his article, "Sex Week at Yale," in the January issue of Atlantic magazine, Ron Rosenbaum writes,

"I came across two technical terms in The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tantric Sex that I had not encountered before: the Kivin Method and the X Spot."

Apparently, these involve "new erogenous zones." But Rosenbaum says that a full explanation is too racy for the pages of Atlantic. I think I can handle it. Can anyone clue me in on either term?
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Purposely munged borderline-non-work-friendly URL (hair over nipples but still...)

"The Kivin Method«
The Kivin Method: Guaranteed Intense Orgasms by Cunnilingus ! : The new discovery of Mr. Kivin's erogenous zones Points K and C ..."
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Hhhhmmm... sounds interesting.

Here ya go:
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oh yeah, is this the sideways on thing?
very nice.
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My skepticism comes from the fact that most references to these two techniques are trying to sell you something.

The Kivin technique is simply a new "spin" on oral clitoral stimulation. You can read a summary of the technique here (see "Under her Undies...")

The X-spot is a reference to the female prostrate, a place between the cervix and the bladder. It is reputed to be the third errogenous zone besides the G-spot and the clitoris.

While the Kivin technique has some unbiased supporters, the X-Spot hype sounds more designed to sell books than pleasure women.

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