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We hear a lot about the Great Cecil.
Sometimes, he even graces this website with his Celestial Presence.

But what about that ink-stained wretch that works for him?

No, not Ed.

Slug Signorino has illustrated Cecil's gems of wisdom from the beginning, yet we know so little of him. We know he drinks at McGinties, & that he draws. That's it.

Where did Slug & Cecil meet? What drew them together? How about a Slug bio?

And the $64,000 question:

Will Slug ever post anything on this board?

Input, people?

Is an appreciation of beauty a function of the human soul?
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I would certainly like to hear from the Slugster. (Put down that pen and type something, fer cryin' out loud.)

BTW, here's a list of books currently available that Mr. S. has illustrated:

There's even a children's reading text on the list.
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Slug probably will not post here because he doesn't have a computer (and is fairly anti-technology.) Also, he lives outside of Chicago, so I don't think he spends much time at the Reader.

Here's what I know about Slug: music is his first love: he is an avid basement drummer and a huge fan of jazz...he was a drummer in a band when he was younger. He looked just like Billy Joel then, not so much now. He has several big slobbery dogs that he spoils rotten (also a cat), he collects all sorts of junk, and he's a very funny guy.

Oh, and his real name is not Slug.
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Ah, Opal. Your a sister of the nib, I can tell just by the tone of your voice.

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I distinctly remember that the elementary school textbooks I had (early-mid eighties) were illustrated by slug's distinctive pen. They were regular grammer and spelling books with goofy, hippy names like "serendipity" and "kalideoscope" (and no, I diddn't ride on the little bus).

Slug's stuff, along with other illustrators like Elwood H. Smith and Harvy Kurtzman (Krazy Kat) helped me develop my own style (Like all young artists I had a phase where I got hung-up on trying to draw realistically and got discouraged when my ability diddn't match my aspirations. But rather than quit, I said "Screw it! If I can't draw real, might as well draw silly". Only later did I realize that bold, uneven ink lines and expressive charactors are better suited to my personality ).

Have rapidograph, will travel.

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Have rapidograph, will travel.
When you have a rapidograph, how do you find time to travel? I mean, what with the 23hrs/day that needs to be spent cleaning the damn things so they don't clog....

O p a l C a t

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