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Classical music from movie "Being There" (1979)

This one's keeping me up at night! Under the main titles to "Being There," Chance wakes up and turns the TV set on to a symphony orchestra playing the opening movement of a very famous classical piece. Everyone knows this music; it's been featured in other movies and I know I know it, but cannot come up with it. It's not mentioned in the closing credits; there's no soundtrack for the movie, and exhaustive web searches and queries of classical music lovers among family and friends have yielded nothing. Title and composer anyone?
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Always worth searching newsgroups as well as the web - according to Google Groups it's Schubert's Unfinished Symphony.
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Thank you Usram; you're right. If you are a fan of this movie, you know that everything Chance watches on TV has a connection to his character or the plot. Using Schubert's 8th (The Unfinished) Symphony makes sense because Chance is an "unfinished" person. Thanks again.
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It's Schubert's 8th symphony.
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Did he finish it since the original answer?
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Odd - Schubert isn't mentioned here:

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