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Experiences with legal prostitution: any good?

This isn't a debate about the wisdom of prostitution.

This is simply to ask those who have gone to legal places of prostitution (like in Nevada) about their experiences.

Being a socially awkward gentleman who has so far had little luck with the ladies, I may choose to someday avail myself of commercial outlets, so to speak. I have no plans for the foreseeablle future for this, it's just an option I'm keeping in mind.

So what it like? Are the women pretty? What's the cost range usually? What kind of payment methods? Cash, Checks, Visa, Mastercard?
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With all the horny nerds on this board, this thread hasn't had one bite in an hour?

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Brave little fishy

Some of the brothels link to pictures of the women they have available if you want to know what they look like: NY Brothels

Plus: A Directory and a FAQ

From what I hear it is illegal in Las Vegas, but not some of the other cities in Nevada. Which is confusing because one of my friends went to vegas and brought back a ton of advertisements that looked like prostitutes to me. My brother said when he went there that they littered the streets.
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Heh, you gotta give some credit to a girl who "names" herself Pleasure. Kinda like the comedian who said he wants to start a band and name it Head Cleaner.

Client: "Hi, I'm here for some pleasure."
Manager guy: "Okay, she'll be right down."

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I think there was a long subject on this very topic . One of those, 'ask the guy who frequents prostitutes....' type thing. worth reading.
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I think the law in Nevada is that prostitution is illegal in counties with a population over a certain threshold (110K people sounds about right), which is why it's not legal in Las Vegas but is in other nearby counties. What I really want to know is if there are official government prostitutes at Area 51.

I wish I could reply directly to the OP, but alas, I have no such experience. From what I understand, though, prices can be quite high - $500 for a half hour, plus tip ($100+). I'd have a real difficult time paying that much for anything that only lasted a half hour.
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Re: Brave little fishy

Originally posted by Nim
From what I hear it is illegal in Las Vegas, but not some of the other cities in Nevada. Which is confusing because one of my friends went to vegas and brought back a ton of advertisements that looked like prostitutes to me. My brother said when he went there that they littered the streets.
As far as I know, it's only illegal within the Las Vegas city limits - the advertisements, theoretically, are for places near Las Vegas, but not in the city limits. As far as the OP, I can't help ya with any personal experience, sorry. I did see Dave Atell in Insomniac go to one of the "ranches," and it looked more or less like a massage parlor thing - you go into your private room after setting it up with the clerk, girl comes down, etc etc. Didn't look too trashy for what it was. And they seemed to be concerned with safety (both physical and STD-wise) to some degree. That's about all I got though!
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Per pestie's post, I looked it up. Looks like they do it on a county by county basis, and Clark County (Las Vegas) is the only county in which it is illegal under state law. Some other counties have declared it illegal on their own.

Here's some info...
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There is legal prostitution where I live, although it may be a bit of a commute for you.

I've never been a customer (nor do I personally plan on becoming one), but having seen the red light district over here many a time, I'd have to say that the majority of the girls are indeed moderately to very attractive in the physical sense. I'm told that the price for regular sex is somewhere between $50 and $100, depending on the girl. For that kind of money, don't expect a night of passionate lovemaking, it'll be more like a 10 minute quickie.
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Handy, the "Ask the guy who used to frequent hookers" thread was about illegal prostitution -- streetwalkers, to be specific. I imagine the experience at a legal brothel would be quite different.

I've only been with illegal prostitutes, so I can't help the OP.
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Um...I'm not sure this is a good idea, but I'll post my experience soon. (By hereby admitting that I've had such experience, I can't chicken out during the short time it takes to write it up)
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(I guess he chickened out after all.)
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I went to one of those places in Nevada- once. I recommend it as a one time experience, but not really for the sex, which I found was rather "assembly-line"- that is to say I was "just another customer".

Warning- from here on, the post gets a bit "NFBSK".

However, in Vegas, and many other large towns you can call for a "private show", where a stripper comes over & does a "masturbation" show for you- that is you both masturbate your own self. Since with some moderate tipping, quite a bit of contact- short of actual sex- is available, I found these to be more fun. Up to this point, this is legal. Sometimes, depending on juristiction, the stripper, and how nice you are- the "your own self" is not nessesarily enforced, if you get my drift. It is not impossible to also be propositioned for actual sex from one of these dancers-although that seems to be very rare on the first "show".

Next we have massage parlors. Let me separate these for you- we have those connected to chiropractors, etc, or those who advertise "theraputic massage" only. These have nothing to do with sex, although some minor flirting is not impossible. Do not solict the technitian for sex- that's just plain rude. Then, there are those with a lot of pics of half-naked girls, and which talk about how good looking their "girls" are. In these, sex of some sort is likely available. If you nicely & gently touch the masseuse and she doesn't object, or she spends more time than usual on your buttocks, etc- then sex is likely available. If- that is- you consider a "hand job" to be sex. These are more or less legit- you get a real massage- just that the "girls" will make sure the massage is complete and intimate- for say $50 more. This appears to be on the edge of legality. Some are simply covers for actual prostitution- in those the girls pretty well dispense with the massage bit. In that case- be prepared to spend more.

Then, we have "lap dances". In some clubs with lap dances, they have a more private area, where for more money the lap dances get a lot more intimate- sometimes leading to sex of some sort- or at least a great deal of fairly intimate groping. Although- a good lap dance can certainly be a source of sexual release all by itself. Seattle has some good clubs for this. I do not know about Oregon.

Finally- we have "street hookers". Unless you are in a foreign city where such are legal- and that is very rare- NO, STOP, DON'T DO IT. It is a good way of being ripped off, catching some nasty disease, or being arrested.
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Note: I'm leaving some details out for brevity. The whole story is actually pretty funny, but I'm going to try to stay at least vaguely on-topic.

Okay. I was in Reno. My first ever GF, who I'd been dating for 5 years, (Without ever having sex, mind you) had recently dumped me. My rather worldly friend decided that I needed to go do "guy stuff" to get over it. Since we were in Reno, and we'd both heard of the Mustang Ranch, we decided we ought to go "just to have a look." But we didn't know where the hell it was, and as I remember it it we couldn't find it in the phone book. (We tried looking under "prostitution" in the yellow pages, you'd think it'd be right there... There were plenty of outcall services under "Escort" that are apparently tolerated in Reno, but official brothels apparently are not allowed inside Reno city limits) So, being geeks, we thought, "What would we do if we were in a role playing game?" The obvious answer was to find someone who knew about such things: A cabbie. So we spotted a cab, and I told my friend "Please, please, don't embarass me. Don't be crude." So we approached the cabbie, and my friend said something like "The strip clubs around here are nice, but we're looking for something more hands-on." The cabbie said "You mean PUSSY?" I have no idea why I thought anything my friend could say would shock a cabbie.

Anyway, the cabbie told us where the ranch was (In Mustang, outside Reno) and told us it was okay, but the Old Bridge Ranch, just down the road from the Mustang, was much better. He advised us of the set up and how to proceed. We thanked him, and he even declined accepting a gratuity from us. I guess he considers getting young men laid part of his civic duty.

We drove out to the Mustang Ranch. There's a gate where you have to press a button to open the gate. What this does is ring a bell or flash a light or something (I can't remember) that alerts the girls inside that there's a customer on his way in. When we opened the front door, all the girls (minus the ones that were busy at the time) were lined up, and the hostess greeted us and said "Would you like to choose a girl?" On the advice of the cabbie, we said no, and plonked ourselves down at the bar.

The Mustang, at least when I was there, had a lobby vaguely oval, with a high ceiling, everything was painted white, and it was brightly lit. It seemed very clean, in fact, almost sterile. The bar was in the center of the room, and there were restrooms in back. Girls sat around on various sofas around the edge. What's that? You want to hear about the girls? Okay then. They varied in attractiveness from decent looking to beautiful, with most of the range towards the top. They were dressed provocatively, but not scandalously. They wouldn't have been terribly out of place at a somewhat risque club. While I toddled off to the bathroom (for purely bladder-related reasons, I assure you) some girls came by and hit on my friend, and he delicned. We hung out for a bit, watching some kids come in and dare each other to go for it. I was hoping more women would come by, but none did, apparently deciding that my buddy and I were cheapskates or something. So, knowing about the Old Bridge Ranch, we drove over there.

We went through the same routine on the way in with the lineup of girls, but that's where similarities ended. Rather than a brightly lit, high-ceilinged, sterile room, it was a small, intimate space, with the sort of dim lighting appropriate for a bar. There was a jukebox in the corner playing rock, and the girls were dressed in lingerie. There were plenty of absolutely hot women there. (There was one in a fringed bra and thong with a body to die for...OMG) Some of them didn't seem interested in us (My friend and I were both young, fit, and reasonably good looking, so that wasn't the deal) but others made a serious effort. As we sat at the bar, we chatted with four or five of them. They are, of course, real people, and just as interesting to talk with as anyone else. We went through several drinks (I was driving, so it was just coke for me) and after several hours, we were actually getting a little inured to the idea of hot women in lingerie hitting on us. When they hit on us, of course, there's pretty much no touching. One might put a hand on your knee or shoulder, but that's as far as it goes. I'm pretty sure there are laws forbidding otherwise. And what they want is to have you come back to a private room to negotiate what you want and how much it costs. As it was explained to me, the brothel doesn't employ the women. They're private contractors, and they get to set their own rates. Anyway, I finally ended up going back to a room with a woman who wasn't the most attractive one there, but certainly was very persuasive. I had been curious what her prices were, but neither she nor the others would discuss prices at the bar. She said "Just come back to the room, I can tell you what sort of prices I have, and you can always say no."

Okay, so much for brevity. I'll post more on this if there's interest; for now my fingers are tired from too much typing, and I think this message pretty much addresses the questions in the OP.
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Originally posted by TaxGuy
(I guess he chickened out after all.)
Hey, you take that back! I just type slowly.
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Gotta admit.

The boy knows how to write a cliffhanger.
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OK, I'll half take it back--so post more!! Inquiring minds want to know!
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:: typing madly away ::
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Warning: Possible TMI.

Also, I apologize in advance for changing tense constantly. Apparently, grammar is not my strong suit.
Oh, and while I'm at it, I'm a giant sexist pig for saying "girls" all the time. I think the women ranged from 18 to 30's, averaging around 20, but I'm a terrible judge of age.

Back in the room, negotiation was a bit difficult. First she wanted to know how much money I had, that way she could tell me what was available. I had a sneaking suspicion if I told her how much I had, whatever I wanted would cost at least that much, so I refused to say. She asked what I'd really like to do, and I told her 69. She told me 200. Whoah! Way too much money. After some back and forth, it turned out "half and half," that being a blow job followed by missionary, was $60. I like to think that she offered a good price because I was so obviously handsome and desirable. We all have our little delusions. So, I'd intended to just find out her prices and leave, maybe price-compare with other girls, but my will was weak. There's something about being alone in a room with a half naked woman who's talking about having sex with you that's a turn on. Couldn't tell you why. So I decide to go for the half-and-half, and she tells me she needs to "inspect" me first, for obvious signs of disease. I drop trou, and she checks out my bits. Upon her approval, she asked me to pay her, then asked me (very conversationally; well done) about my level of experience. Then she said "Okay, take off all your clothes and lie down on the bed. I'm going to step out for a moment, then I'll come back and fuck you." The bed was covered with a bedspread, which I pulled aside, and got a pillow out. When she returned, she looked at me like I was a moron. Apparently, one is supposed to have sex atop the bed, rather than in it, and I'd ruined the nicely made bed. Silly me.

Anyway, I'm not going to describe getting down to business except for a few details. (I'd meant to, but I reliaze it's not particularly on-topic, and it may be a bit inappropriate for this forum) I had to wear a condom (I wouldn't have had it any other way) and while she was going down, I tried to stroke her hair. She said "Don't touch my hair." No kissing occurred. It was fairly non-intimate, but I wasn't complaining, given my recent no-sex relationship.

I was probably a bit of a jerk -- I had to be cautioned to be gentle with her fabulous breasts (I was pretty inexperienced). And I remember saying at one point saying something like "I wonder how much of what you're doing is all an act" She probably wanted to slap me, but instead said "Look, you want to have a good time, and I like having a good time, so just enjoy it."

During the BJ phase, I was making sure to hold out for the holy grail of Penetration. I was sure it'd be the best thing ever. As I have since learned, I'm one of those guys who doesn't alway get enough stimulation from intercourse to come, but I obviously had no idea at the time. So things took a while. Eventually, she either came, or I smacked her cervix hard enough to hurt (the look on her face was either supressed pleasure or pain, I haven't a clue which) and shortly after she wanted to stop. (Or maybe it was rubber burn...anyway, I really oughtn't go into details. Kids could be reading this, and you wouldn't want them to know anything about sex -- we want them to be awkward screw-ups their first time, just like me) But she was commited to finishing me off. This is how I know that one is not required to wear a condom for a hand job.

Afterwards, she led me to a bidet and washed off my bits. We talked a bit, and she asked why I had wanted to see a prostitute. (See, she clearly thinks that a man of my obvious qualities should have women flocking to him) I told her I was in favor of legal prostitution in principle, so in addition to the fact that getting laid was fun, I wanted to check it out to see how it worked. She asked if I was likely to publicly admit to it later. I told her yes. I guess I was right, just years delayed.

After a bit she left me alone to get dressed. I rejoined my friend in the lobby. He said, looking at his watch "Well, you got your money's worth." We went back to the car, and after carefully removing all the brothel matchbooks he attempted to scatter about (in my parent's car!) we drove off.
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One rule that seems universal is the no kissing rule. Or maybe it is just that no prostitute wants to kiss me.
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My friends experience in Amsterdam wasn't the greatest.

You walk around the red light district and pick a girl you want. If a window has the curtains drawn, she's busy. You'll negotiate through while standing in the door and then be let in. For 50 euros you get a suck-n-fuck, which is pretty standard. (Or was it Guilders? Hmmm...its been a few years...) It lasts around 15 minutes.

Now my friend (and yes it was a friend, back off) wanted a girl with huge breasts, so we walked around and found a girl meeting the requirements. We only scrounged together 50 euros, even bumming 10 from two guys we met while bar hopping who were with us. So he goes in and the three of us wait outside. 15 minutes later he emerges. He doesn't look so happy. The story goes that he went in, paid, got inspected, fully undressed and a condom on. She took off her panties and started to go down on him. After 3 minutes EXACTLY, she told him to move and she lay down and spread her legs. He climbed on board and then said "Um, can you take your top off now?" (Remember, he wanted those big boobies) "$50 more" she replied. Yep, she continued negotiating as they were in it. He didn't have it, so he just kept going. There was no eye contact, no arms around the neck, no soft cooing noises...just him on top going at it. He got a little disenchanted and after 7 minutes EXACTLY, she told him "You need to finish in the next 2 minutes." Which he barely managed to do. He got up, took off the condom, washed his dick in the sink, got dressed and walked out. 15 minutes start to finish.

Now, one of the guys we were with had done this earlier with another girl who treated him totally differently- we even saw her kiss him on the cheek as he walked out. But it was still a brief suck-n-fuck encounter; but he was happier about it because she was nice to him. My friend just got Helga of the north ice queen. So, as always in situations like this, YMMV.

Oh here is a link to a comedy club in Amsterdam that also gives up the nitty-gritty on the nightlife and prostitutes.

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I decide to go for the half-and-half, and she tells me she needs to "inspect" me first, for obvious signs of disease.
How terribly romantic.

Thanks for sharing, it was interesting.
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Prostitutes have sex on top of the sheets. Making love in between the sheets is reserved for lovers.

Heard that on an MTV documentary. ....I swear!


Dont let these guys fool you. that was a great story. You told it well too. It had drama, comedy and sex. Had you added a gunfight in the parking lot, you wouldve had everything. Thank you.

ok now I want a cigarette.....

Addressing the OP, it doesnt look like a sex for hire thing is any emotional outlet. Physical outlet maybe but a guy can get lonely screwing these "girls". Ive seen more fun and "action" in a bachelor party catered by a pro. The condom requirement doesnt thrill me either. I know its for everyones protection and all that but its just something I dont wanna pay for.
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Originally posted by Sengkelat
......The bed was covered with a bedspread, which I pulled aside, and got a pillow out. When she returned, she looked at me like I was a moron. Apparently, one is supposed to have sex atop the bed, rather than in it, and I'd ruined the nicely made bed. Silly me.
Holy shit, that part was funny. I'm sitting here at my desk laughing out loud. Good story, dude!
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Tomcat: Yikes! That sounds like a terrible experience. I'd asked the woman I was negotiating with if I couldn't just buy an hour, or whatever, but she said that being pressured for time was no fun. Also, I think from her perspective, an hour of missionary would be a different kettle of fish than if I wanted an hour of felching or something.

X~Slayer: Thanks. I can't supply a gun battle, but I did ask the woman how she could be sure she was safe alone in a room with a stranger. She said there was a button she could push, and a guy with a shotgun would come through a side door. See? Drama, comedy, sex, and guns.

I guess in general it was a good experience. If nothing else, it makes a good story...that you can't tell in polite company. Would I do it again? No, but then I'm married and all now, which sort of makes it a non-question. But I did wander through another tiny brothel outside Carson City a while afterwards. At that time, I wasn't fresh out of a crummy breakup, and I had concrete evidence that there were women in the world who were willing to have sex with me for free. So I wasn't that intent on, ah, procuring services.
The place we (it was me and that same friend -- I swear he's a bad influence) went was a tiny little run down building in the middle of the nevada desert, late at night. My friend said "This looks like the sort of place to go to get mugged." We went in, and they didn't do the line-up-the-girls routine, as there were only two women there. They were both in lingerie, and I wish the first one hadn't been. The other was only moderately attractive. She had red hair and put on a totally fake irish accent. I wanted to turn around and leave, but she insisted I come to the back room and negotiate, in fact grabbing me by the hand and dragging me back there. Sure, sure, why not. Oddly, in this case being alone in a room with a lingerie-clad woman didn't have a compelling effect on me. She wanted to know what I wanted. Using the entirety of my prostitution-realated vocabulary, I said I might be interested in half and half. She said that'd cost $120. Yikes! I told her I didn't have that much. She wanted to know how much I could spend, and I said "I don't want to offend you by saying an amount that's low..." She assured me that she wouldn't be offended, so I said $30. (No sense naming a high price if I'm not that interested anyway) Turns out she was offended enough that she had trouble maintaining her phony irish accent. She informed me that $30 tricks were discouraged. Maybe some girls might give a hand job for $30, but it was frowned upon. She opened the door and it was very clear it was time to leave. (She's the one that dragged me in there in the first place...sheesh!) My friend had meanwhile been entertaining himself by talking to the traveling lingerie salesman who was there. We both agreed that was an interesting career choice that we might consider later.

So, that exhausts my cathouse-related experiences. Glad I could help to edify and entertain.
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You know what. I just realized that I am not going to look at my regular coffee creamer quite the same again.....

Thanks again, Sengkelat I can honestly say that because of your stories, I dont need to experience a cathouse personally. Good thing they have those online thingies....

that was a joke, people. I dont hear anyone laughin!
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Sengkelat, great stories. You rock.
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Originally posted by Tomcat
"$50 more" she replied. Yep, she continued negotiating as they were in it.
Ah, the Spirit of Holland. Always negotiate! Get the max!

This girl makes her country proud.
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A number of female porn stars make extra money by working at one of the brothels in outside of Las vegas, it might be the Mustang Ranch. A number of female porn stars also make themselves available as escorts, but the prices can get scarily high rather quickly.
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I was in Amsterdam just this last weekend, and prices remain as stated above. 50 Euros for a suck-n-fuck. The girls looked beautiful, I have to admit, but there's not a thing romantic about it. But then, I don't think there is supposed to be.
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I've never been, but Sengkelat's story matches up almost perfectly with what I read in this book The author did a public health study at Mustang before it closed its doors because of tax evasion or some such. The gov't has owned the building for a while now and I recently heard they were going to demolish the buildings. The Mustang was the most famous brothel in Nevada. The next most famous brothel is probably the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. Why are they all called 'ranches'? I've never understood that.
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The Old Bridge Ranch looked sort of like a ranch, and it was out in the desert, where one might expect an old-west ranch. But it was dark and I wasn't looking at how the building was built.
Maybe they're called ranches because the Mustang was arbitrarily called a ranch, and the rest wanted to cash in on that mystique. Besides, "The Mustang Bungalow" doesn't really cut it.

As for the Mustang being outside of Vegas, no; it's outside of Reno. I know this for a fact.
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I don't have any direct experience with legal prostitution, being female, but a good friend of mine has a great story about prostitution in Amsterdam.

He was vacationing over the puddle, visiting a Dutch friend. He wanted to check out the red light district one night, and his friend was more than happy to take him down there. They had a few drinks, and proceeded to walk around the area. One section has buildings with open windows through which you can see the girls. They perused this area until my friend - I'll call him D - found a girl he liked. He went in, and quickly negotiated a price. A short time later he found himself in a small room with the prostitute.

The prostitute started in with him, playing with his crotch and talking. She started to remove her clothes, and after a bit, removed her underwear. D was a bit surprised to see that she had another pair of underwear on underneath the first pair, but by then was into the whole experience enough not to think too much of it. Then the prostitute got down on all fours, and looked up at him, inviting him to sex doggy-style. He was also a bit surprised at this - it usually cost more that way. No worries, though, if she wanted it doggy style he was more than willing to help. He reached down to remove the last piece of clothing barring his way to actual penetration - the second set of underwear. He took 'em off. The prostitute's penis flopped out.

D. very quickly got up, got dressed, and went outside to meet his friend who'd been waiting for him. His friend was laughing his ass off - it seems he'd known the whole time that the prostitute was male. Amazingly enough, D. still talks to this guy.

Be careful when choosing a prostitute in Amsterdam.
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Ataraxy I think you're talking about Brothel: Mustang Ranch and Its Women by Alexa Albert. I wrote a report on it this semester for my human sexuality class. It does a good job of describing the different reasons why women enter prostitution, and why men go to them. Some of the women had "regulars" who seemed rather obsessed, talking about how the only reason they went was for the woman's pleasure. Some prostitutes regard orgasming as unprofessional--you don't do it with clients, you save that for "your man."

But IANAProstitute.
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The places in Nevada are a COMPLETE rip off. If prostitution were legal anywhere else, I'm sure they'd go out of business. If you really want a good time, go to a brotherl in Mexico. Younger, good looking women, at about 1/3 of the cost. And it's legal there, too.

Granted, things in Coldfire's neck of the woods are even better, but we can't all live in Europe.

Personally, my days of whoring are pretty much over. There were some good times, but it served its purpose. I don't begrudge the industry thugh. We all gotta work.
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Originally posted by Sengkelat
My friend had meanwhile been entertaining himself by talking to the traveling lingerie salesman who was there. We both agreed that was an interesting career choice that we might consider later.
God damn, was this funny. You are the master of understated humor, Sengkelat.
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Brothels are so legal in Australia that Melbourne's Daily Planet has listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. The shares issued last week at 50 cents and are now $1.31.
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great stuff seng.

They have people lining the streets in Vegas handing out fliers for prositutes, and they don't care who you're with. I took my b/f at the time to Vegas for his 21st birthday and as we were walking down the street this woman handed him a flier while looking me straight in the eye! I shoved it back in her face with a nasty "excuse me, but he's with someone." I'm all for legalizing prostitution but sheesh, at least don't propisition someone while he's with a girl!

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