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Rules for "Aggravation" (using a standard deck of cards)

I have lost my rule sheet for a game called Aggravation. I used to play it all the time, but have not played it in about 4 years and the rules are a little fuzzy.

For those of you who don't know Aggravation is like Trouble, you have 4 men in a starting block and need to get all 4 into your house. You move around the board using cards. And you usually play with partners (2 teams of 2)

I think this is how it works:

Ace - Move Forward 1, or use it to take you or your partner out of your starting block
2 - Move Forward 2
3 - Move Forward 3
4 - Move Backwards 4
5 - Move Forward 5
6 - Move Forward 6
7 - Move Forward 7
8 - Move Forward 8
9 - Move Forward 9
10 - Move Forward 10
Jack - Move Forward 11
Queen - Move Forward 12
King - Out card for you or your partner

- You can use your out cards on yourself or your partner.
- You have to play a card if it is playable (ie if you have no men "on the board" but have one in the house and you have a 4 you must play it and move your man out of the house.
- You can swap any two men if you play a pair (4's and Kings cannot be used as a pair)

Does this sound right? Am I the only person who as ever played this game?


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