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"Chest freeze"?

I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, as I am looking for not only accounts of other people's experiences, but also hard scientific fact...

I am familiar with the concept of "brain freeze" (if you drink something cold too quickly, you get a temporary powerful headache). However, I have never experienced this. I always get a strong, almost pressure-like pain in my chest, around the breastbone, if I drink cold things too fast. My mother also gets these "chest freezes". No one, besides my mother, even knows what I am talking about when I describe this phenomenon. They look at me like I am mad! There must be others who get this? Anyone?

Also, I am curious if anyone has any sort of biological explanation as to why the cold would affect my chest, rather than my brain. As I said before, I have _never_ had a brain freeze.
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i remember when taking a livesaving course, to be a lifeguard, that it was mentioned that going from hot outside air to rather cold water, could cause a person to stop breathing. it could be called a chest freeze. some people will have a gasping reaction to being hit in the chest with very cold water either from a shower or from a water hose. a rather quick moment where you can't move your ribs/chest to breathe in or out.

is it kinda like that?
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My husband and I were talking about this just yesterday! I get "chest freeze" too--we'd gotten frozen Cokes (yum!) and I commented to him that my throat/chest gets so cold I can't take a deep breath without having to cough.
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It's maybe a little like that, as it seems I can only take shallow breaths when I have "chest freeze", but it lasts more than a quick moment. It gradually fades away. It's the strangest thing. I am starting to be convinced that I am some kind of biological freak
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Sorry, Geobabe! I didn't see your reply when I posted mine. Yay, there's more than just my family! Do you ever suffer from "brain freeze"?
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I know exactly what you're talking about! I get it too! It's hard to describe, like a cold pressure/pain right in the middle of your chest. I've wondered about this too... I only occasionally get 'brain freeze' but I get 'chest freeze' all the time.
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We simulposted. I very rarely get "brain freeze."
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My cat gets brain freeze from licking ice cream off my spoon. You can tell by the way she blinks that it's hurting, but she'll still fight me for the bowl!
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Another thing that occurs to me is that I used to get bronchitis and tonsillitis quite often as a child. I wonder if this has anything to do with it...
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Yes, I get chest freeze too.

Chest freezers unite!
"Skepticism is the beginning of faith." --Oscar Wilde
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I tend to get chest freezes too--often much more frequently than brain freezes.
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Me too.
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I think I might. It feels like my lungs are shivering. A very odd experience. I'd also get it if it were cold outside. Like the 11 F I experienced in Tucsan.

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