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Tell us something silly about yourself

Or tell us more than one silly thing about youself. Start? Me? Oh, well, if you insist:

1. I have a totally irrational love of Whack-a-mole. I will go to state fairs and penny arcades simply to play it. It puts little happy bubbles in me and gives me the day-long giggles.

2. I love Betty and Veronica comics, but only the old ones ('70s and earlier). I still occasionally buy the B&V Double Digest. I am 34.

3. I occasionally put peanut butter on the roof of my dog's mouth (or on her nose) just to watch the face she makes as she eats it. I realize this is not objectively funny, but it slays me.

4. You know that sound Goofy makes when he falls off something in the Sport Goofy cartoons? (Ehh-hoohoo!) That slays me as well. Every time.

Reading this back, it makes me sound pretty, uh, mentally challenged, so you guys please post as well.
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I have a son named Jody and he is engaged to a girl named Jodi. It gets silly sometimes trying to figure out which Jod_e we are talking about.

I only posted this because the OP is Jodi. Silly me.
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My gf and I sometimes talk to each other in SimSpeak (from the computer game 'The Sims'). It's almost always the same phase, so the meaning is based on the tone used and facial expressions.

So, Cleiko, if you are reading....

Dubbada Duh!
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Along the same lines of Theios' post, a fellow computer geek and I sometimes greet each other in the office with what's supposed to sound like two modems handshaking. I also:

Get into ugly face contests with my 6-year-old and 4-year-old (I usually win).
Chase my cats while barking like a dog.
Pretend like I'm sleeping when I'm stopped at a red light.
Do the happy hamster dance when I fix a particularly troublesome computer problem at work.
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I really really like Britney Spears.

When I was a little kid, I really really liked New Kids on the Block.
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I started wearing contacts, and I like to roll my eyes to feel them slide around and watch my vision re-focus. I don't know if that's silly or just bizarre, but hey...
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I take delight in surprising unsuspecting people. Let me give an example or two:

Once, when travelling to Atlanta with a friend on mine, we stopped in a Wendy's and had a spontaneous "lover's spat" while in Tennessee. I'm male. So is he. The expressions were priceless.

Same trip: We walk into a McDonald's, to see two Georgia State Police officers eating their lunch. I shriek, "Shit! It's the cops!" And we turn around and exit right away.

Once, for an employment screening, I had to take a drug test. When I went to the facility, and they asked if they could help me, I replied, "I'm here to pee in a cup."

I often invent names and backgrounds for myself. For instance, I was walking around my neighborhood once, and was approached by two older gentlemen, who introduced themselves as Latter-Day Saints. They asked me my name, and I told them it was Ezekiel Urbanstein, and that I was a plumber.

When some telemarketer called, I generally introduce myself as my own roommate. If I'm feeling particularly asshole-ish, I become my own "life partner." Usually named Richard.

Oh, and I once tongue-kissed Euty at a Dopefest on a dare.

And I grabbed Ed Zotti's crotch at the same Dopefest.
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Superdude, you've been nominated for my...

Idol of the hour!!!. It's a very prestigious award, and if you win, you will receive a set of complimentary steak knives*!!!

*Shipping and handling not included.
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I sent photos I had taken of my Raku (pottery class) firing our pottery to President-Elect George Bush Sr.

I did it "just because."

I once threw my shoes up in the air in the middle of Hollywood Blvd. It was 3 am at the time so there was no traffic. I also slept overnight on the sidewalk of Hollywood Blvd., but that's another story.

I once tried to be a "street person" on Venice Beach (selling my artwork to tourists) but all the other "street people" freaked me out so I gave up after one day.

I call all my cats "furry little parasites." (Because they are.)

For a few months, I had to play Chumba-Wumba's "I Get Knocked Down" each and every night, and I sang along to it. I've fallen out of the habit, but now I very frequently play John Debney's theme "The Replacements—Remix." Almost daily, I play this.
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Lastnight, while cleaning out a box of old things I have, I found my tamagotchi I bought in '97. Its now snug in my pocket, happy, not hungry, 3 years old and weighing in at 21 oz.
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I have spent the past eight weeks discussing the soap opera Another World with my best friend NONSTOP because they just started airing reruns on SoapNet. I've sat in my room, in the store, at the mall, talking about John and Donna, and Michael, and Mac, and Rachel, with him, and we can have a three hour conversation based on one episode of this show. My mom thought I was talking about real people and said "You have very interesting friends."

I have a feather toy that I play with my girl kitty with - she's hysterical when she plays with it, and usually, I'm giggling so hard by the time we stop, I can't breathe.

Superdude, you win! LOL! Although, I have pretended to be British at Disneyland once just because I noticed that they treated me nicely when I did. So now, if I want to be treated nicely, I speak with a British accent (and I've gotten damn good at it, too!).

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Tell us something silly about yourself

No way!

I will never be coaxed into posting to such a picayune, meaningless thread as this one!

Not on your life!

Forget it!


Because I don't believe in s i l l y, that's why!
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I own 16 small sheep, eleven of which can be seen here (click on pictures for profiles). I truly believe they are real and they all have very separate and distinct personalities. I invariably have at least one of them about my person at all times.
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We have an old mattress leaning on the wall of our garage. The label on it says, "Luxury in a Back-Care Mattress". Tonight, I walked past it, and read it as "Luxury in a Bad-Ass Matress"

I think the SDMB is getting to me.
Chat to the Australian and New Zealand Dopers at G'Dope ('merkins and sundry furriners more than welcome). "Check them out" - Cecil Adams
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I'm the one that dared Superdude to tongue-kiss Euty.

I have this pillow. It's shaped like a cat face. I've had it since I was six. His name is Kitty. I sleep with him every night. But I can't sleep on the side where his face is stitched, because he can't breathe that way. Did I mention that I'm 36 years old?
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Charter Member
Charter Member
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I sleep with a stuffed bunny named Barney. In the summer, he wears a white T-shirt, in the winter he wears a teeny little LLBean fleece pullover that my old boyfriend got him.
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I obsessively collect one particular Canadian quarter - the 2000 "achievement" quarter. I have about 40 of them and can't bear to see anyone just spend one. I work at Wal-Mart and I secretly bring quarters to work to switch with any achievement quarters I can find in the cash register.

Picture of the quarter:
Isn't it PRETTY?!
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I have a terrible urge every time I jump by a body of water (lake, river, creek water) to stop my car and jump in.

I have Siberian Huskies, and they have enough fur that they shouldn't ever be wearing sweaters. But a lot of times if I am mad at them I make them wear hats and coats. But only in the winter. If they have been particularily rotten, and it is too hot for them to be wearing clothes I get out the kool-aid and dye thier white parts.
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While traveling on a toll road with toll booths every couple of miles, sometimes I pay for the car behind me. When they pull up to the booth they are, to say the least, confused and we wave like crazy at them! The last time I did this, the car passed us and payed for us at the next booth. We swapped back a forth until the tolls ended.

I have a cat named Backwards. Does that count? I had to buy medicine for him at the pharmacy and the guy at the counter read the name on the perscription and slowly asked if this was for my son. I sooo wanted to say "yes!", but admitted that he is my cat.
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I just got a pen that can only be seen in blacklight, and I am using it to write "Help! Help! I'm being repressed" all over a co-worker's tools.

I own over 600 superballs that I am using to make a sculpture with plexiglass. Did I mention that I work with glassblowers? One asked why I am using "that crap" instead of the "real thing" in my sculpture. "Just to piss YOU off." See my other response above.

In college, I bought Cher's Believe single. When anybody walked into the art studios in a glum mood, I'd play it and make them dance on top of the table with me. Which was inspired by...

One New Years Eve I danced on top of a bar with a drag queen to Cher's Believe.
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I answer my phone at work with a British accent. If I am to meet the caller in person I will speak with a strong Southern drawl.

I am a 40 something man and I talk to my wife's cats in babytalk.

Occasionaly I will go to a strip bar with my friends and pretend to be blind, Raybans, white cane and all.
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There is a ceramic bird house hanging from a tree in our front yard and I always clunk my head on it every Saturday while mowing the yard. I used to get angry, now I laugh. You would think that I'd catch on. Guess not.
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Charter Member
Charter Member
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By the way, kniz, on the Jody-Jodi thing -- y'all will catch on eventually. My sister has been married to a guy named Don since 1970 -- and we're usually fairly sure which Don is being talked about, him or our brother.
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I've been known to use the word "pig" and variations thereof not only as a noun, but also as a verb, adjective, pronoun, and expletive.

I have a cat who likes to sneak under the covers and start "digging" into my belly late at night.
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Originally posted by Horseflesh
Chase my cats while barking like a dog.
I chase my birds while making a noise like a big crow.
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Oh also, I can cram 62 pretzels in my mouth and I like to send people text messages to tell them I'm on the toilet. Even when I'm not. Even when I'm in the same room as them so they can clearly see I'm not.
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I chase my cat around by making "scary monster noises" and lurching slowly from foot to foot like a bad Frankenstein from a B movie. Sometimes he seems to be genuinely frightened of it.

I get a sense of childish glee from running around the house naked.

I sometimes wear things on my head like a hat (eg. a stuffed animal, plastic bag, tea cozy, etc.)

Okay, that's enough... People are gonna start thinking I'm weird or something!
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i changed my own diapers when i was a toddler.

i charged the tooth fairy interest when 'she' was late in her payments.

pretending to be foreign is really, really fun.

my sister likes to add 'mc' to the beginnings of words and i've caught the mchabit.

whenever i see a straw wrapper, i have to flatten it out.
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I do shadowboxing in my room and pretend that I´m hit sometimes. I usually end winning by KO the heavyweight title in the last round.

I like to wear stupid t-shirts, the stupidest, the better.

I put music aloud in my room and sing to it, and yes, I salute the "public" when the song´s over.

I like to imitate my dog, just to see how he reacts.

I never, NEVER shave the day before an exam.

I put strange accents sometimes while talking to people, and usually introduce meaningless sentences in conversations with said accents.

When first introduced to somebody I sometimes don´t tell my first name, because it is usually mistaked by a surname, so to avoid explaining why it is my name and not my surname I use others.
Old 08-31-2003, 06:42 PM
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While my kids are in the bath, I sit on the chair and take off one of my slippers, then pretend it is a phone; the kids start trying to tell me, saying stuff like "Dad! It's a shoe!", but I cut them short and say "Shhh! do you mind? I'm on the phone". When the joke starts to wear thin, I'll let one of them actually tell me it is a shoe, then I look at it and do the standard cartoon surprise routine, (jump with fright, exclaim wordlessly and throw it into the air).

Then I pretend that I can't remember how to put it back on my foot (I'll try putting my heel in first, or hold it the wrong way around etc), the kids shout "no! turn it round! the OTHER way!", wherupon I act as if realisation has dawned, then promptly attempt another impossible configuration; when this joke starts to wear thin, I say "Aahh! The phone! Hang on, I'll get it..."

Repeat ad nauseam.
Old 08-31-2003, 07:02 PM
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I enjoy baking without using labour saving devices, but quickly lose interest in eating my creations.

I occasionally answer my phone as "Angus Mc Dooglemeister's House of Haggis and Debauchery" in a thick Scottish brogue.

Sometimes for fun, I cruise around like a boy racer with classical music blaring. Or a looping track of System of a Down's "Bounce", which consists of 45 minutes of the words "pogo-pogo-pogo-pogo..."

I like to wave a little kids. They're so cute!
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Head Blue Meanie
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I was born in Tacoma. I still live here. If that ain't silly, I don't know what is.

The first Godfather movie bored me to tears, and I never saw any any of the sequels. On the other hand, I enjoy the hell out of The 5,000 Fingers of Dr T, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, and A Man for All Seasons (the Paul Scofield version). And I can't wait till Bored of the Rings becomes a Major Motion Picture.
Questions are a burden to others
Answers a prison for oneself
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Well, I'm ashamed to admit it, but I read(not all the time!) Barbara Cartland novels.
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I used to talk to cows when I was younger.
I also told random people that my name was Cinderella and that my older sister Leslie was the "bad" sister and Michelle was the "good" sister.
I also flashed my band-new panties at the precher one day in church.
Occasionally I start talking like Bubbles from the PowerPuff Girls for kicks. Usually I'm shouting something about stickers or flowers.
I also talk to my cats in baby talk. Or is that kitten talk?
misshornypenny and I once played 6 degrees of seperation using punha's relation with Val Kilmer and family relation with C.S. Lewis. We're only 4 degrees from J.R.R. Tolkien!
When a song I really like comes on the radio while I'm driving I'll start to dance in the car. Most of the time I manage to keep both hands on the wheel.
I an a huge Backstreet Boys fan and still fancy that one day I will meet Kevin and or AJ and they will instantly fall head over heels for me and battle to the death for my affection. Of course I'd step in before anyone died and tell them that there is plenty enough love for the both of them.

Okay I think that's enough silliness for one post.
Old 08-31-2003, 09:57 PM
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I own a gorilla suit.

I wear it.
Old 08-31-2003, 09:59 PM
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Originally posted by Magayuk
I have a terrible urge every time I jump by a body of water (lake, river, creek water) to stop my car and jump in.
So do I: either to go for a paddle or hop in for a quick dip. Living in Thunder Bay, I get the chance quite often.
Hour after hour, day after day, we paddled and sang and slept under the hot sun on the northern ocean, wanting never to return.
Old 08-31-2003, 10:04 PM
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I speak cat. Not baby talk, but a series of tongue clicks, low squeals and other tongue lip sounds that wil attract a kitt's attention and cause them to converse. Either that or they're thinking, "There's the bugger who smoked my catnip-apparently it was good shit."

I love to bounce loaves of bread off my daughter's head into the cart when we go shopping together after calling, "INCOMING!" When we've finished paying for everything, I look ar her and say, "RUN AWAY" and we dash out of the store, across the parking lot like lunatics-she's lost in laughter during high speed shopping cart rides.

She's still little enough that some noises are still funny and not gross: a chair rumble is followed by the exclamation: "Mouse on a Harley!"
Crows. Keeping our highways clear of roadkill for over 80 years
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*When I was 13 I taught myself a nervous tick. Whenever I would die on Crystal Quest I would scrunch my nose. 15 years later and still whenever anything surprises me I scrunch my nose.

*I once spent 25 hours n the Coffee Etc. in Tucsan, AZ drinking one cup of tea from an all you can drink order. I arrived with a group of friends. More friends arrived and the first group left. And so on and so forth.

Well that's about it. I'm not oozing with silliness.
Old 08-31-2003, 10:21 PM
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My August top score at juggle mania this month was more than twice the next best. Bow, mere mortals, before my awesome silliness.
Old 08-31-2003, 11:02 PM
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Location: Vancouver, BC
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I worked for a company which had to maintain QC paperwork in the ISO9000 vein. I wrote and inserted into the manual the work instructions for executing an executive, via guillotine. As the font chosen was one of the gothic ones, and not the standard Arial or TNR, it was obvious enough to be funny. The funny thing is that no-one at that company knew what to do with the QC auditor rolling on the floor of our boardroom in a fit of giggles. Or who the culprit was.

Whenever required to submit a job description, there has been a mock description attached, which frequently rendered the manager in question helpless with laughter.

I am now developing a real estate appraisal of the house in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, for review by one of the principals at my current place of employment (yes, an appraisal firm).

In myself, I'm not that funny (or silly). I just mock working documents really well.
"This is the great theatre of life. Admission is free but taxation is mortal. You come when you can, and leave when you must. The show is continuous. Good night."
Robertson Davies, 1913-1995
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I let my conure sit on my shoulder and talk pirate to him.
I'm overrated, desecrated. Still somehow illuminated.
Hang on to me forever baby...I could always swim
Old 09-01-2003, 12:08 AM
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Originally posted by fizzestothetop
I also flashed my band-new panties at the precher one day in church.
Hahaha. That's funny.
Old 09-01-2003, 12:10 AM
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Posts: 599
I'm the kind of person who, if ever faced with an angry grizzly bear, would say "Fuzzzyy!!!" and try to hug it. I nearly fell into the Rhinoceros enclosure at the Philly zoo because I was trying to touch the sleeping rhino (I was so close! Another inch and I would've had it! It was only a 3ft wide trench..)

I combined Pig-Latin, Pig-pen code, and Op-talk (insert "op" before every vowel syllable) and used it to write cryptic messages on the desks in high school. (example [without pig-pen]: "Opukelopay, opiopay opamopay opouryopay opathoperfopay!")

My friend and I have developed a strange obession with marmots after I made the comment "I don't give a flaming marmot's ass!" one day. We now vow to take over the world with an army of ill-tempered mutant marmots.

I regularly talk to my computer as if it understands me, and am convinced that if I were to stop giving it attention, it would stop functioning normally just to spite me.

I think that's enough out of me, for now.
Old 09-01-2003, 12:24 AM
Join Date: Aug 2003
Location: Indiana
Posts: 761
I like to make my fat doxie dog dance. She does a killer YMCA.

I sing songs from "Fiddler on the Roof" all the time. We put a towel on the skinny doxie dog's head and pretend she's Yenta the matchmaker and sing the matchmaker song "Matchmaker matchmaker find me a match..."

I jump on the trampoline even though the neighbors laugh.

Sometimes I say weird things to embarrass my 14 years old dd in front of her friends. Now that I think of it, even when I DON'T say weird things I embarrass her. It's my job and I'm good at it.

I have a teddy and think he has feelings. DH will throw him in the air and say "fly, oh no!" and I think that Teddy is scared. Once he punched my teddy! He looked upset all night (teddy, not DH)
Old 09-01-2003, 02:39 AM
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Location: Houston
Posts: 435
My small schnauzer sleeps on my head. If I don't go to bed when he's sleepy, I don't get my pillow. (I hate to disturb him.)

I have a stuffed Easter bunny (from 1968) hanging from a noose in the bedroom at my Mom's house. His name is Hung Bunny. He lived in my dorm closet during college.
Old 09-01-2003, 03:08 AM
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Location: Southport, Aus.
Posts: 2,350
When I was 15 I once went to the dentist on a Saturday and then caught the bus home. I sat in the only seat which wasn't already containing at least one person. I had that seat all to myself.

As more people got on the bus, I noticed a really honey babe of about 25 years of age get on the bus and she chose to sit beside me. I thought I was so cool.

Anyways, she said hello and introduced herself. She wanted to talk to me! Cool!

Know what I said? Well, my mouth was still numb as from the dentist injections, and so when I spoke I looked and sounded a cross between a stroke victom and Homer Simpson drooling over more free beer. My words sounded like a blubbering, drooling, idiot savant.

She cringed. Really big time, she cringed.

That part wasn't cool.
Old 09-01-2003, 06:19 AM
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Posts: 825
I drank my first double-shot of vodka on a dare. After imbibing, I sat back and grinned.

I taught my seven-year-old cousin to play Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" on the piano in approximately ten minutes.

I was named after a character on the 80s soap "Dynasty".

No less than SIX people have guessed (successfully) that I am an atheist. Do I give off atheistic vibes or something?

I occasionally dream in French.
Old 09-01-2003, 10:40 AM
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Posts: 1,138
I'm 30 something but I still laugh til I cry at Coyote and Road Runner cartoons. I've seen 'em all a million times but it just doesn't matter. That damned Wile E. is just so stupid! Oh, and the classic Bugs Bunny bullfight toon? Slays me.

"What a horri-bull. What a nin-cow-poop."

Oh. Its too much.

~ Nothing to see here
Old 09-01-2003, 11:54 AM
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Posts: 49
I can stick my tongue up my nose.
Old 09-01-2003, 12:01 PM
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Originally posted by Sqube
I started wearing contacts, and I like to roll my eyes to feel them slide around and watch my vision re-focus. I don't know if that's silly or just bizarre, but hey...
Hey I do that as well......thank God I'm not the only nut
"No ice,I'll take it neat" TROTSKY


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