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What does "DO NOT PUSH" on Dump Trucks mean?

On the tailgate of Dump Trucks, there is sometimes a phrase "DO NOT PUSH". What does this mean? Don't physically push the truck? Don't ride my ass? What's up?
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I've worked around heavy equipment for 15 years, but I am not an operator. As I understand it, you don't push (or pull) a dump truck because of damage to transmissions and frames,etc.

But on site, there are trailers that look like the dump truck, but don't have the truck part. From the back, they look just like a dump truck. These are loaded with dirt and then pushed and.or pulled to where the dirt is needed.
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Don't Push with the loader or other heavy equipment. Sometimes on steep slopes or in muddy conditions a dump truck will get stuck. The last excavation job I was on mostly the newbie drivers would get stuck that would piss off the foreman to new end. His yelling and cursing was usually sufficient to get them going - when it couldn't he'd push them with the loader on the tailgate. He was in too much of a hurry to get a chain and pull them out.

You don't want a piece of heavy equipment pushing on the tail door because it will either break or dent. There are points of attachment to pull the thing out.

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