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Celestial brides?

I recall hearing this term used in a book or film to refer to an Asian woman who had taken as her husband a western man. Anyone privy to its etiology? I assume it is anachronistic and I can't find anything with search engines except ads for bridal boutiques. What does celestial have to do with eastern women?
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I think this could be related to "Celestial Empire", one of the old terms for China. A celestial bride is usually a divinity or something like a divinity, married to a shaman or one of faith, in terms of religion.

Acording to this page, the term "celestial bride" is used in a derogatory sense aimed at the Westen men, looked down on because:
So just think, there ARE western men who aren't out there to take home a celestial bride, and frankly, I think that most of the ones that do only do it cause they can't get a girl in their own country and have to rely on their 'western' status to hook it up.
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I believe you're correct about some relation to China, I broke down and got out my trusty Webster's, no entry for "celestial bride" but there is one for "celestial empire" as an old geographical name for the Chinese empire.

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