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I can feel a vein in my armpit... what's going on?

Okay, about two to three weeks ago, I developed a bump in my left armpit. It grew and I figured it was a cyst of some sort. I asked around on the internet and I found a lot of people who had had it before, teenagers and adults alike. They told me that it goes away in about a week and that it was caused by putting antiperspirant on too soon after a shower.

It did shrink away, disappearing after a little more than one week. There's still a small bump where the larger cyst used to be though, and I was supposed to go to a doctor about it.

Now, the vein. For a while I had been feeling a slight discomfort in my left armpit whenever I lifted my arm up too high--and I also sleep with my arm up, under my pillow and head, and that would cause me discomfort as well. Yesterday I was pressing my fingers into my underarm and I felt... this vein that kind of protruded at the place where my underarm crease is. I can only feel it when my left arm is lifted up high enough, stretching my armpit.

What is this? Now I'm afraid to lift my armpit too high because I'm afraid I'll snap that vein or something! I hate veins the way some people are creeped out by blood. My mom told me to take some ibuprofen, thinking it's an inflamed vein. I don't see a difference at all.

I've done a search for this on Google and this was all I found:

I'm getting really worried and will be really upset with myself if overapplication of antiperspirant is what caused all this.
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