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One of The Rock's favorite words is "jabroni". I looked up Italian slang and other languages, but I don't see an entry for the word. Is 'jabroni' some kind of swear word? If it is, I apologize. Help me please.
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In his bio, all he says about it is that it's an old professional wrestling term from the 1940s, that he heard it from his dad and his dad's friends, who were all professional wrestlers.
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I heard one time that "jabroni" is another term for "jobber."

If you don't know what a "jobber" is, those are the wrestlers that show up just to get beaten.
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jabroni = jack ass / dumb ass
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Mjollnir is exactly right. I'm in the pro wrestling business and "Doing the job" means "losing" to another wrestler in the ring, hence "jobber", and finally you have "jabroni".

Check the Glossary section of


for more of the colorful vernacular "the boys" use in this business!
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Thanks, I thought that it was something in Italian. I didn't know it was an original pro-wrestling word.

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