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What is a ballpark estimate to rebuild a transmission or get a new one

How much would a transmission cost for a 1999 automatic ranger? How much for a rebuilt? How many hours of labor to install a rebuilding kit?

How many miles would a rebuilding kit add to a transmission.
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My friend's dad just had this done earlier in the year. His was a 4x4 and he had it replaced with a rebuilt transmission. Although i'm not sure about labor or parts cost, the amount he paid was about $1900
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I just paid $2800 last week to have mine rebuilt. It's an automatic, in a 2001 full size Dodge Ram, if that matters. I had it done at the dealership, so that's probably on the high end, but I was tired of getting the runaround at mechanics.
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I had my 98 Escort automatic transmission rebuilt 2 years ago. $1200.

I suspect your Ranger's tranny is a bit bigger tho.

Lasted like 6 months, continued to f*ck up, I got a new car instead.
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Two types of rebuilds exist, one using only 'soft' parts: clutch packs, bands, and those where 'hard' parts need replacement because they've worn beyond spec. My Ford truck went through one soft rebuild at ~170K miles, and got a hard rebuild at ~300K Cost difference was $1300 vs. $2K

Good tranny builders can pretty near do them in their sleep-it usually takes the in and out people as long as the builders, but in most cases, you're done in a day to a day and a half.
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My Cutlass' automatic had to be rebuilt last year. While it may not be comparable, I paid $2100 for the rebuild. Sucked up both my tax refund and my boyfriend's.
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Damn. Since I saw rebuild kits for about $140 online and I know a guy who only charges $25/hr for labor I was hoping for a $500 esqe estimate.

I'm just going to sell my truck before it needs a new transmission. No point spending 2k to do repairs to one part of a truck that'll only be worth 4k by then. Let the next owner take care of that.
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It sounds like your transmission is still working, just not as well as it might. Have you tried getting it adjusted and having the fluid changed? I'm by no means an expert, but I get the impression that some smaller automatics are more sensitive to dirty fluid and band misadjustment.

If the transmission goes out and money is tight, you might look into buying a used transmission from a salvage yard. It will cost less but may not last as long as a rebuild. I think most yards will just give a guarantee that the transmission is good, but you might get a thirty day warantee, and if it lasts thirty days then it should last for a while.

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