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Are Dr Venture and the Monarch related?

Watching the latest installment of the Venture Brothers, I came to a startling revelation- Dr Venture and the Monarch are long-lost twin brothers!

The evidence is plentiful:

-Dr. Venture frequently has nightmares of him being in the womb, tormented by another fetus who is either biting on his ass or strangling him with his umbilical cord.

-Dr. Venture makes absolutely no mention of his own mother. While his ire against his late father is well-known, his mother is a mystery. In addition, the mother of his sons is always very quickly glossed over.

-The Monarch says he was the sole survivor of a crashed plane, and that his parents were wealthy powerful scientists (big surprise). My guess is the Monarch was either adopted by friends of the Ventures, or that his parents had not actually died as he thought. But how he could collect an inheritance to fund his supervillan scheme is a mystery if his parents were alive...probably the adoption theory.

In saturday's episode, The Monarch is in a tiff because while he is using Dr. Girlfriend to seduce Dr. Venture, he's also terribly jealous about it at the same time. Dr. Girlfriend comments, "You know, he's a lot more like you thank you think" which kind of ties into why Monarch is so obsessed with Dr. Venture!

So my theory is that Dr. Venture and the Monarch are brothers; they're not explicitly aware of this (particularly Dr. Venture) but Monarch has something gnawing in his subconcious that is tied to the fact that they were twins. They look similar, they're the same age (they had their respective mid-life crises only a few episodes apart).
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Hmmm...Sounds logical. Plus, there's an episode coming up (according to TV Tome) that promises to explain the basis for Dr. Ventures nightmares. Perhaps we'll have some answers soon.

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