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Who sang the slow version of 'down with the sickness' on Dawn of the dead

There was a version of the disturbed song 'down with the sickness' on dawn of the dead. Does anyone know who wrote it and sings it?
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It is by Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine, a group that performs tongue-in-cheek Vegas-style lounge-jazz covers of current pop songs.

Check out !
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Richard (Dick) Cheese!

I've been listening to him quite a bit recently. He does some pretty damn good renditions of songs! (I personally am partial to Wrong Way by sublime, and Smoke Two Joints, also by sublime, as well as a few others I can't quite remember).
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Actually, I think he prefers to be referred to as 'Dick Cheese'...

Just a warning - Watch the fine print & don't assume his discography is as large as shown on his web site or on the booklet of his CDs. There are a number of fake albums he lists.

Of the dozen or so CD's listed here...only the bottom few are real - even though I do like the cover art on the phony ones.

Unfortunately, there aren't "65 albums, EPs, LPs, 45s, 12"s, 78s, and/or the limited-release "7-Track" format"

In other words there isn't an extensive back catalog or "surviving gems from the Richard Cheese ouevre"

There isn't a:
"The Battle Of Las Vegas",
"Daiquiri Of A Madman",
"Kid A flat",
"King Of Cheese",
"Good Evening Nasty",
"White Album" with a lime green cover,
"Back In Black Tie",
"Cheesy Road" or
"Straight Outta Vegas"
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...oh, and if you want my opinion, somebody owes Bill Murray either a whole lotta money or a giant debt of gratitude

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