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Anyone ever eat tarpon?

Tarpon are known for being a great game fish, but according to everything I've read they don't make for good eating because they have a pretty strong taste, the flesh is oily, and they are very bony.

OK, so it's not particularly "edible," but it is still "eatable." Anyone ever tried it?
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Dude. That's just nasty.

Put "TMI" in the header or something.

(oh. taRpon. carry on, then.)
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Originally Posted by Happy Scrappy Hero Pup
Dude. That's just nasty.
I'm glad I'm not the only one...
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Originally Posted by Happy Scrappy Hero Pup
Dude. That's just nasty.

Put "TMI" in the header or something.

(oh. taRpon. carry on, then.)

I was too slow....
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Heh...think it might be time for another one of these threads.
Smart. Hip. Dipstick.
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Oh, I thought you meant tarpaulin.
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For a second, I thought it said tampon!!!

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It taste's.... ummm... kinda cottony.
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Never had the fish; but I, too, am pleased to know that I wasn't the only person misreading the title.
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I keep checking back in here for a serious reply. Tarpon are very impressive fish and I believe that most anglers either release them or keep them as trophies. I do know that other bonefish which might otherwise be considered inedible are okay if you smoke them (waits for the smartasses to come back in on that one). But any fish as big as a tarpon seems bound to have some "oogy" parasites.
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No wonder they're so easy to catch.

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