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My daughter recently started high school. The first significant event she attended (apparently studying important academic bits is not "significant" was a dance called "TOLO". It used to be called a "Sadie Hawkins" dance because the girls ask the boys, but apparently the "Sadie Hawkins" monicker was politically incorrect. No-one I can find has a clue what it means or where it comes from, nor do web searches reveal any explanations. What does "TOLO"mean? Is it an acronym? An abbreviation? Is it meaningless?

The details on the origin of Sadie Hawkins are at https://academicpursuits.us/mailbag/msadiehawkins.html
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"Take One, Leave One"
Don't know what it might mean, or if it applies, but it may be a start.
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Apparently, it's a purely western Washington thing... here's an older thread asking the same question
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what tolo really means

tolo actually means tits out legs open
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Originally Posted by iwishiwasagirl View Post
tolo actually means tits out legs open
Best username/post combination of the week. Or worst... I'm not sure.
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Not sure...
Let it play out?
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Originally Posted by zoid View Post
Not sure...
Let it play out?

I see, nevermind.

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Originally Posted by iwishiwasagirl View Post
tolo actually means tits out legs open
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