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Pick a radio name for me!

So pretty soon I'll be starting on the air at the radio station where I work. Up until this point, I'd been planning to use my real name on the air, but because others have told me that's probably not a good idea and because my real name happens to be really, really close to another already in use by someone at our station, I'm now faced with the task of coming up with a good on-air alias.

My requirements are simple- nothing obscene and nothing too corny. Something that sounds normal but is pretty clever regardless would be preferred.

I leave my fate in the able hands of you clever, clever dopers.
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Speak in a really upbeat voice, and call yourself, "The Deathly Pallor", in the same cheerful tone.

P.S. If you give us all your real name, and any nicknames you might have, that would be something to work with.
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It probably depends a lot on what sort of radio show you're doing.

However, I'll share one of the coolest radio names I've ever heard, used by a guy on a local classical station: Vic D. Geronimo.

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Are you a man or a woman? Your gender will somewhat constrain your choice, I think.

You could pick some wacked-out name from a P.G. Wodehouse novel or a Monty Python bit. Think Pongo Twistleton-Twistleton, Catsmeat Potter-Pirbright, or Adrian Wapcaplet.

I remember that there was a thread about ridiculous upper-class English names on this here SDMB a while back. I bet you could search for it and find some good options.

You could also name yourself after a Firesign Theatre character, especially one of the guys who works at Radio Now, in Fun Fun Town.

You could pick a funny-sounding scientific word as your last name. Think "Nematode," or "Quercus."
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E. Butley Long

Quixas G. Santini

Clifford W. Snedeker

L. F. Fountain

Clorinados T. M. Palmer, Esq.

All can't-miss names.
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I'm a boy.

My real name is David, and I really don't have any nicknames. You see my predicament.
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Leonard "Schlomo" Finkelstein, Esq.
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Well, you could be Geets Romo. Nobody's using it anymore. But if you ever get a partner named Pete, then that could be a problem.
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A friend of mine used his middle name and his mother's maiden name as his on-air personality name.
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Uh, how bout some kind of joke-grenade type thing? Like:

Paul Bearer

Doug A. Grave

Lee Ving

Stan Din

Nick Atine

Buzz Craven (local guy here)

Rick Shaw

Matt Shott

Rick O'shea

Bill Ding

Joe Mama (sorry, had to)

Ben Dover

Mel Anoma

Roy Al' Sweet

John Clogger

Ollie Oxenfree

Pete Bog

Tom E. Gunn

Chris Tall

Adam Shame

Donny Brook

Rich Loner

Goliath Killer

Most of these are lame, but a few are kinda funny (a few have been used before also), if you decide to use one, let me know. If you were a girl, I'd have lots more.
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Around here, puns and redundancies have been popular:

Miles Walker
Rex King

(dnooman, you left out I. P. Nightly!)
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Howard Sterb.
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Is this talk radio? Music? What format? That would help, I think.

But if it's country, you should yourself Skeeter McCrackleberry.
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Latheron Lawrence Terepeate

Lather, rinse, repeat.

I'm just going to go hang myself.
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HA. You guys are clever. Corny, but clever.

It's a music station, picker, Top 40 specifically. Though if it were country, I would DEFINITELY be using Skeeter.
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Ah, it's a Top 40 Style......

ahh, fuck it.

What's your shtick? Goofball? Cool? Too Hip for Words? Pandering to the teenyboppers?

Here's some safe, mildly hip names:

Eliott Michaels
Cameron Davis
Johnny Five (you could just go by 'Fiver' when you're feeling saucy)
Brett Wilson
Martin Taylor / Taylor Martin (especially if you play guitar)
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Pick a first or last name that you like. Then choose the other name based on a matching vowel sound.

For example, if you choose the first name Kalen (pronounced with a long a), then a good match would would be Gray -- also pronounced with a long a. You could even spell it G-R-E-Y as long as you kept the long a sound.

It doesn't matter what the vowel sound is; just match it in your first and last name.

Have fun!
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Originally Posted by dnooman
...Rick O'shea...
Hehe - anyone remember the Thunderbirds episode where they had to rescue a DJ of exactly that name? (May have been Captain Scarlet/Joe 90/Fireball XL5)

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Well, my friend and I once had a radio show. It was just at the college radio station, but we had fun with it anyways. late night, 11-2 AM, but we still got callers cause we were so wacky! Anyways, his name was Scott, so his "on air" name was DJ Skizzle. I recommend something like that for oyu.

How about DJ Dizzle? DJ Da-Vizzle? Davy D? DJ Davy? DJ Davy D? Wavy-Davy?
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Picker has the idea. You've got to create a persona, and then name it appropriately. Those wacky Birt upper-crust names would be great, if you were DJing a stuffy Classics station.

Don't think of it as on-air name for you. Think of the job as you performing an act like in a play, and the character's name is what we're after. But we have to have the character's act first. What is that person like? Young? Old? Old, but young at heart? Political or Apolitical? Controversial? If not, how will you avoid being boring (aka the Kiss of Death)? Not to say that only controversy is non-boring, but it's the easy way out, as a casual scan of the airwaves will show.

In addition to knowing what the character is like, we need to know what he does. Does he read a lot of ads, or just introduce tunes? Does he read the news too? "DJ Dizzle" miight be fine for introducing tunes, but notso-hotso for reporting on the latest political outrage. On one of my morning drive stations, the weather reader is "John Weatherby". Yeah sure that's his name. But I can remember his name & none of the other stations' weather readers.

Throw us a bone here & we'll come up with some better ideas.
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Originally Posted by LSLGuy
[On one of my morning drive stations, the weather reader is "John Weatherby". Yeah sure that's his name. But I can remember his name & none of the other stations' weather readers.
Any relation to Uncle Weatherby? Is that where Tex Antoine ended up?
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Doctor Perhaps.
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Or Doctor Maybe, perhaps.
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Actually, do the first show without a name and let the listeners vote one for you from a call-in contest.
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Buck Naked.

John-Thomas Johnson.
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Well, he did say it was a top fourty station so how about something a little more....smooth n' smarmy, such as Tom O'Dell, or John Blue, Jack T. Lad or John Clever. Something stolen from a fairytale, in other words, but still sounding like a mundane name.
P.S. I stole the name, "the Deathly Pallor" from a Strongbad Email along the same lines as this question: http://hrwiki.org/index.php/radio
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Mike Rofone

Elpee Spinner

There's a local guy here named Andy Beanstalk except I think he spells it "Bienstock" or something. He does a jazz show nightly on the npr station.

Don, of "Don & Mike" is called "Don Geronimo". Seems like there's not too many DJ's out there with weird FIRST names.

Maybe something short and memorable, with an "active" last name. . .

Joe Spinner

Mike Forest

Alvin Burns

Or a cool, rhytmic name. . .

Jo-el Lemmington

Nick Lipton

Leslie Messer

Something vaguley reminiscent of a scoundrel. . .

Alden Hiss

Charlie Mansor

Ted Dunby
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Just don't do what a couple of guys around here did:

country station--Justin Case

college rock station--Justin Hale

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Originally Posted by don't ask
Or Doctor Maybe, perhaps.
Or Doctor Perhaps, maybe. Doctor Perhaps-Maybe? Maybe-Perhaps?

I like the idea of having a call-in show where people suggest a name for you or vote on what name you should have. You could play particularly wacky or funny calls on the air.

The DJ Formerly Known As (your real name)?
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Phil Coe
Ma Rants
Emmer Sun
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Your Weird Uncle Dave?

Wild Davis?

Laughing Larry Davis?
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I'm David Jax, aka, DJ DJ and you're listening to the DJ DJ show.

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