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How long will my sushi stay good?

I got a vegetable mix roll of sushi today (just rice, seaweed, cucumber, carrot, and avocado, no seafood at all). It was made fresh in front of me. I got full through half the rool, so I put the rest in the fridge. I know sushi has a very limited life, but I'm not sure just how long, so should my roll still be okay to eat tomorrow?
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well my mother is korean and she makes sushi all the time. since the one you have is comprised of just vegetables.. i'd say you'd be okay for a few days. i'm speaking from my experience.. but if it had raw fish on it.. who knows? probably the only thing you'd have to worry about it the rice getting kinda hard.. my mom usually just sprinkles some water on em and covers em in saran wrap.
Old 06-14-2005, 04:04 PM
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It should last as long as any of the indivual components last. My WAG is that the avocado would be the first to start deteriorating. Everything else is pretty resiliant. Maybe 2 - 3 days would be just pushing it.
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What about freezing it? Last week I made eight rolls for dinner and we only ate five, so I stuck the other three in the freezer. The crab meat I used was cooked, but the ahi was raw (although, since it wasnít sushi grade ahi, I seared it for 30 seconds prior to slicing it). Later, somebody suggested to me that this wasnít a very smart plan, and suggested that I just throw them away. But canít I simply defrost them in the refrigerator and eat them? If there werenít any pathogenic organisms in the fish when I put the rolls in the freezer, they canít just magically materialize out of nowhere in the fridge, can they? Or are there pathogens lying dormant in the fish which could multiply in the refridgerator?
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I second the motion for a sprinkle of water and saran wrap. I've done this before, and it winds up a little less fresh tasting, but still pretty darned good after one day. I wouldn't go two, though. I think the avocado and possibly the rice would go icky after two days (it wouldn't make you sick, just not taste good.)
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I went out for sashimi last night and when I got home I just stuck the plastic container in the fridge. I am eating the fish right now, about 18 hours later. I have done this before many times and never had a problem. I wouldn't eat it after it's been in the fridge for longer than a day, but I've never personally tried, so it could be safe.
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A little Googliní promptly answered my question. Yes, you can freeze sushi and thaw it later and eat it. Itís perfectly safe. In fact, in Ontario, Canada the health code requires that sushi restaurants freeze all sushi prior to serving it. Which has Canadian sushi aficionados in an outrage, because doing so completely ruins it. Not only does it completely ruin the flavor and texture of the fish, sticky rice disintegrates and falls apart if itís frozen. So I might as well chuck it.
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You can freeze it, but it doesn't taste very good afterward.

If I don't eat mine after 24 hours, I throw it out. The fish doesn't necessarily "go bad," but the rice loses its moisture and the flavors begin to meld.

It's just yucky.
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Originally Posted by Washoe
Not only does it completely ruin the flavor and texture of the fish, sticky rice disintegrates and falls apart if itís frozen.
Why would they be required to freeze the rice?
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Originally Posted by Fear Itself
Why would they be required to freeze the rice?
They wouldnít. I didnít read the article closely enough.

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