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How can I loop just part of a video clip using Windows Media Player?

I could be wrong, but I swear I used to be able to loop just a portion of a video clip with an older version of WMP. Now I have Windows Media Player 10 and I can't find an option that allows me to do it.

Anyone know how? Is there a plug-in or maybe another player that can do it with ease?
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If the clip in question is in .WMV format and you're using Windows XP, see if you have Windows Movie Maker (in Start..All Programs..Accessories..Entertainment).

Use it on a copy of your clip and trim it down to just the desired looping part, which you can then set media player to repeat.
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You could install AviSynth and then use a simple script like this:
# this will repeat frames 100 to 500 fifty times
Trim(100, 500)
Save that to an .avs file, and you can open it in any player that supports AVI files, including Windows Media Player.

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