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How Did Dr. Marvin Monroe Die?

I have been watching Fox's The Simpsons regularly pretty much from the beginning. And they do sometimes kill off characters. Bleeding Gums Murphy died in the hospital. Maude Flanders died at that racing track. But for the life of me, I don't remember how psychotherapist Dr. Marvin Monroe died. Specifically, I would like to know...
  • How he died.
  • When he died (i.e., which season/year). And...
  • Where he died (at home, at a ballgame, whatever...)

Thank you in advance to all who reply
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According to Wikipedia, he passed away between seasons six and seven.
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I thought it was just a joke from the writers that he died, when in reality they just shelved his character.

IIRC there was a recent episode where Marge said "Dr. Monroe, we haven't seen you for years" and he said "I was really sick."
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At least he didn't become another Chuck Cunningham. I never realized that TV Land was such a creepy place, where character can just be erased from existance, 1984 style.
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So Springfield hospital turns into "Marvin Monroe Memorial Hospital" starting sometime in season 7. They made a joke* about him being dead in the "138th Episode Spectacular" episode during season 7. Then his name shows up on a gravestone in the episode where Maude dies in season 11. But now he isn't dead, as he showed up in the "Diatribe of a Mad Housewife" episode this past season. That's the extent of it. Oh, those wacky Simpsons writers! Any fanfic out there to fill in the gaps in Marvin's story for the Monroefans?

*"Which popular Simpsons characters have died?"
"If you said Bleeding Gums Murphy and Dr. Marvin Monroe you would be wrong! They were never popular."
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As I recall from the DVD commentary, one of the reasons the character was originally retired is that Harry Shearer didn't like doing Dr. Monroe's voice because it hurt his throat.
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One of my family member's explanation is that there are two Marvin Monroes in Springfield. Dr. MM is alive and well and some other MM is deceased.

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