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Ever puke in public? (This one's gonna be gross, I'm sure)

I have. Twice. Both times at the Indiana State Fair.

#1: My best friend Marie and I went to the fair on one of those days that they offer a wristband for purchase that gets you all the rides you want. We were about 17, and had just started smoking occasionally to be "cool". It still made me a little sick to my stomach.

For our third ride of the morning, we chose The Zipper (explanation of how it works is here). It was fantastically fun for the first part of the ride. Then I started to feel a little queasy. I don't remember if I said I was going to throw up, or if she said I looked like I was going to throw up. Either way, I threw up.

At first, I thought I was just gonna puke once and could *urp* hold it in until the ride was over. Boy, was I wrong. As we got out of our "seats," we heard the ride operator say something like, "Hey Joe - gimme the hose." We were near a bathroom, so I had a chance to go clean up a bit. Unfortunately, vomit doesn't come out of clothing very well (at least not without a full turn in the washer). And I had just bought the damned shirt the day before!

By the grace of Og, I had a backpack with some clothes with me - well, in Marie's car. (I was going to stay at her house that night.) Apparently, back in 1997, they didn't do "pass-outs" at the fair. Thankfully, Marie's a very ... persuasive person when she needs to be. She pointed out that they could see her car from the gate, and that it might be bad PR to have a teenaged girl walking around the fair all day covered in vomit. They agreed.

I didn't ride anything more exciting than the Carousel the rest of the day.

#2: This past Saturday. I was at the fair with my mom, and (oddly enough) Marie (plus her daughter and boyfriend). We wandered around together until around 5:00, when my mom and I were finally getting tired and decided to leave. I was really hot and had quite the headache, but that's not so unusual for me in the heat. I decided I wanted some ice cream, and she got an elephant ear. I quickly realized that it wasn't exactly agreeing with my stomach.

Let's just say that I saw my Moose Tracks again. Thankfully, I had made it to the First Aid building, so while I was in "public," I was in a one-person bathroom. (It still sucked!)
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I had a lot of close calls back when I used to get sinus headaches more frequently. The worst was a ride from Oakland to Berkeley on BART for an appointment I absolutely couldn't get out of. I made it, but barely.

I did hurl behind some bushes once I got to campus.

There was also one time on a plane--yes, those little bags do come in handy sometimes. We had just had two weeks in Acapulco and I invariably get traveler's tummy even looking at a map of Mexico. On the way home, there was a 3 hour delay on the runway with no air conditioning. Too much for my guts.
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I totally hurled, dude, at the I-81 rest stop north of Christiansburg VA coming home from college once, since I had polished off a bottle of rum the night before. Blew chunks right there in the parking lot. I was ill for days.

And I kind of puked up a bit after getting off the Loch Ness Monster (roller coaster) at Busch Gardens once. Managed to hold it in my mouth until I got to a trash can.
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Once. I was in about 4th grade, and we were visiting my uncle who lives in Salt Lake City. He took us to a fancy brunch (where I ate more than I probably should have) and then we rode in a ski-lift gondola thingie up to the top of a mountain (don't ask me which one). I got to feeling worse and worse and then we got to the top of the mountain and I got of the gondola, walked over to the fence and promptly threw up. Fortunately, I did not get anythhing on my clothes. We walked around a bit and then rode back down(with me now sitting on the floor where I couldn't see just in case it had been the visual which had done me in). I was fine the rest of the trip.
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Any time I ran a race all out.

It's not dry heaves,I'm working my abs.
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I barfed in the middle of a school assembly in the 6th grade.

No, I never lived it down.
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I can also think of two instances, but there might be one or two more...

#1 - After a long night of drinking and debauchery with my friends in college, I was feeling a bit peaked. It had been my first intimate, sustained encouter with Jose Quervo. I stayed the night at the host of the party's house with a few other folks and cut my morning class due to my hangover, but I couldn't miss my afternoon class. So I tried to suck it up and headed to school. I managed to make it through the class somehow, but I was really woozy.

After class I went over to the campus bookstore to buy some Sprite to settle my stomach for my drive home. There were three students in line in front of me, and a friend of mine (who had been at the party) was working the cash register. I could feel myself grow sweaty and light headed, but by some miracle I somehow held "it" down untill I could pay for my drink and lurch outside to blow chunks onto the base of a ornamental tree in front of the bookstore.

#2 - In one of my (rare) "single lesbian" phases, I worked up the guts to ask this very cute redhead to attend an Indigo Girls concert with me at Atlanta's Chastian Ampitheatre. Asking women I'm interested in out on a date has never come easy for me (I blame my rare single phases on the fact that "no" isn't in my vocabulary when I'm the one being asked), so I would manipulate myself into doing so by buying two tickets to concerts that I wanted to attend. I was further encouraged to ask her out because in a few weeks she was moving to Japan to teach pressure of any pending long-term entanglements, and hey...I might even get lucky if I really poured on the charm.

As I was exclusively a bicycle commuter at the time, with no car, she was going to pick me up at work and drive us to the show. Something I ate at lunch that day did not agree with me, but I was damned if I was going to let a little upset tummy get in the way of a cute redhead _and_ the Indigo Girls playing for a hometown crowd. So I tried to put the nausea out of my mind, and managed to buy a bottle of Pepto Bismal at a convenience store before she picked me up. 30 minutes later, we've just parked her car and are walking with dozens of other people from the parking area to the the venue...que the projectile neon pink vomit. So much for a pleasant first date, or getting any "last hurrah in the US" nookie before she went of to Japan.

I tried to convince myself that things would be better once I'd expelled the entire contents of my stomach...but I was wrong. I spent the opening act either in the bathroom or navigating my way through the crowd to the bathroom. I spent the first half of the Indigo Girls doing the same thing, untill my very nice date finally convinced me to let her take me home. I thanked her by dry heaving out her passenger-side window at least 4 times on the way to my apartment.

She went off to Japan and we e-mailed once or twice.
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When I was about four or five, I threw up in a public pool. Everyone had to get out and the lifeguard cleaned it up with one of those screen leaf scoopers.
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I was in Paris a few years ago backpacking with a buddy of mine when it came on very suddenly. We were walking down a pretty busy street near the Bastille. I didn't realize I was going to be sick, but all of a sudden, *urp*! (probably had something to do with the heat) I had no choice but to quickly duck into the nearby doorway of a building (luckily it turned out only to be a stairwell, but still...). Anyway, that was that. Felt perfectly fine afterward, just a little hungry.

Another time, and this one's pretty good. I was about 9 years old on vacation in New Orleans with my parents and my brothers. Got really really sick on that trip - I always get sick on vacations. How strange that I still have such a passion for travel. Anyway, my parents were having our picture painted by an artist in Jackson Square, and I kept complaining that I was feeling terrible. Guess mum didn't believe me or something, or maybe they were just eager to finish the portrait. Well, she learned her lesson. Ended up spewing all over the place, and we had to go back to the artist's apartment the next day to finish the painting. The painting illustrates perfectly how sick I felt. It's terrible. And it hung in the dining room for years afterward.
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Yes, once.

I had smoked a cigar in the afternoon, but I must not have cut it cleanly at the mouth end, resulting in my swallowing a shred or two of tobacco. This is sure way to get violently ill, and the reason you read in old novels--from a time when cigar smoking was more common--of kids stealing one of Father's cigars and then getting sick when they attempt to smoke them.

The embarrassing thing was, it was in the evening when it happened; we were sitting at a bar; and we'd had a few. Surely not enough to be sick, but enough that it was time to go. Anyone watching me would have concluded it was solely the martinis that were at fault.
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Once in an amusement park trashcan after one of those spinning rides where the centrifugal force holds you up on the side. I'd forgotten about it until this thread reminded me.

Once in my friend Matt's bushes while he was having a party inside. I'd had a couple drinks -- not enough to get me sick normally, but I also hiked up the hill to get a big sandwich from Hot Truck (those of you who've been there will understand) and the combination of italian spices, Bartles & Jaymes, Coors Light, and heavy sausage in an otherwise empty stomach did the trick.

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It wasn't technically public, it was in a car, but it was pretty bad.

I was only about 10, or maybe 12 years old. We were driving from NYC to W. Virginia with some family friends (hi, CandidGamera!) and I was sitting in the back seat.

Now of the other two people in the back seat, one of them was the adult son of the friend, whom I had a huuuuge crush on. Let's call him Sunil, cause that's his name. Anyway, the ride went on, and on, and on, and in those days I used to get sick all the time. And the adults kept jabbering, and I kept saying I felt sick, but no one was really paying attention to me - until I threw up.

But i couldn't just throw up, oh no, not me. I had to throw up all over Sunil's lap! *puke!* over his nice new slacks that he had just put on that day. We had to stop the car, everybody had to get out, and get cleaned up.

And you know what? He never got mad, instead teased me gently, hugged me, and kept a careful eye on me the rest of the trip in case I got sick again.
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When I was 20, I was getting ready hitchhike to St Louis and was overcome by bad pizza and sunstroke as I was meeting a friend to cash my paycheck. I walked up tp the fence they were leaning on, said "hey," and proceeeded to vomit. I continued vomiting even after I had nothing left. The the police showed up. The restaurant across the street had been trying to get rid of Those Goddam Punks on the Corner and called the cops on me. My friends walked me home dry heaving. At one point, I swalloed a cup of cold water, then expelled a cup of warm water. In the previous 24 hours, though one fo my friends had had his car towed, one had been hit by a car, and one had lost a tooth. We (well, not me, I was vomiting) called ourselves Limpin', Pukin', Toothless and Towed.
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1. 2nd grade all over a brand new text book.
2. About 12 years old leaving an Italian restaurant with my family, chucked just inside the entrance.
3. I worked a couple summers on ocean going charter boats. Lost my cookies a couple dozen times.
4. When I was a senior in high school, I had Christmas dinner with my girlfriends family. I had the flu and the smell of one dish hit me wrong. The only bathroom in the house was occupied and I barely made it to the kitchen sink.
5. While in US Navy electronics technician school, drank too many Stroh's (first time I had seen the beer) and ate a bunch of pickled eggs. I barfed on the legs of another guy that was on his hands and knees puking his guts out.
6. At a Rolling Stones concert in Anahiem. I was given a hit of acid and was told it would give me a nice buzz. Whatever it was knocked me on my ass, I came to in a puddle of puke.
7. Outside of a Denny's in San Diego. Another night of drinking and the smells inside the restaurant disagreed with me. An older couple walked up just as I finished, the lady decided she wasnt' hungry anymore.
8. Went to a Turkey shoot, you needed a bottle of Wild Turkey whiskey and a $20 bill. Everyone present puts the money in the middle of the table and at a specified time, everyone takes a shot. Then everytime the second hand hits 12, everyone takes another shot. This goes on till one person can stand up and walk out the door with the money and no one objects. There was 7 of us and after 15 minutes, we were all totally shitfaced. I passed out a bit later and woke up a couple hours after the shoot began. I went outside and barfed all over a neighbors rose bushes, returned to the house to find the money on the table, pocketed it and went out and passed out again in the back seat of a cousin's car.
9. Ate some bad onion rings at a fair and chucked on the ground next to a new hot tub.
10. Went to work with a stomach virus and made love to a garbage can in front of a bunch of co-workers.
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I get horrendous motion sickness, so it's a frequent occurrance for me.

Nothing I've done, however, stands up to a roommate's combo of a spaghetti dinner topped off with I-don't-know-how-manyh Blue Hawaiians. We had to buy the dorm a new wastebasket after that bacchanal.
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My boyfriend and I had went out for a night on the town, had some drinks...I had more than I should have. I had to ask him to pull over on the way home, so I could puke.
He must've taken pity on me, since we've now been married for almost 21 years!
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Mostly harmless
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I've blown chow at work a couple of times this summer, a side effect of my gastric bypass. Once was in to my office trashcan, but the rest I made it to the men's room for.

I was alone each time, thank Og.
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Many times. Usually when drunk.

I did have a good one sober, once, after a big regional championship race...which I won! It was literally the beginning of a streak that would lead me to 2nd place in the state championships and several school records. It was a big win for our team in general, one of the first of that magnitude in years for our running program, and I knew we'd done outstandingly. I was so triumphant. I was jumping around, high on victory, cheering, laughing, probably the first really exceptional thing I'd ever done with myself in my otherwise underachieving life so far, just so happy...

My coach comes up to me, lets out a whoop and gives me a big hug. Something about the hug. I dunno, maybe it was just timing, but things took an almost instant turn for the worst. I violently shoved him away from me, doubled over, and just went "BLEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!" right there in the midst of a crowd of my fellow teammates and cheering parents. I missed my coach's shoes by inches. Coach let out another whoop, said something like "Holy sheepdip!" and slapped me on the back so hard I thought I was going to toss again. I'm standing there with him, laughter still coming from my now vomit-spackled lips, and everybody around us has this horrified look on their face. It really was a spectacular hurl. I'd eaten a big ham omelette that morning, which was definitely a bad idea. (Or maybe not...I won, after all). Very messy, very nasty coloration. Oh well. Would have been one for the local sports pages but for that.
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Only twice that I can remember:

#1: When I was about 14 I was with my family visiting relatives in California, and we went to Six Flags. The day before, however, we went to the beach and I got a bad bad sunburn from my knees to the tops of my feet. I mean really really bad. I wore shorts because I thought pants would hurt it, and it happened to be about 105 degrees that day. The heat, plus the pain, plus the sun pounding on my legs all day while I waited in lines forever was just too much for me. I threw up waiting in line for the Joker's Revenge.

#2: This one was pretty recent, about 3 weeks ago. I went to the gym to do a kickbox group fitness class. I hadn't slept much the night before, I hadn't really eaten much, and I hadn't done any strenuous exercise in a while. Overdid it, ran out of class early because I was getting dizzy. The dizziness didn't wear off as fast as I'd hope so I stumbled to the front door, started to black out and sat/fell down by the bushes in front of the building, and threw up a little.
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I get horrendously sensitive to motion when I've got a headache, as I'm sure most people do. So you can imagine how fun it was to get a migraine while working a 2-hour bus trip away from home, with no money to get a taxi anywhere.

I didn't even have a headache in the beginning, just the weird auras. So I told my boss I was coming down with a migraine and would have to go home. That's fine. So I head out and get the bus. It's about an hour from where I was working into the centre of Sydney, where I'd have to get another bus home. So the bus is driving, driving. The auras are gone but the headache's getting worse. And I'm getting queasier. By the time we hit the bridge (Sydney Harbour Bridge), I'm dry heaving and keeping my mouth closed in case it happens. Finally we get into the final stop. I get off of the bus in front of the Queen Victoria Building, right in the heart of Sydney's CBD, lean over against the bus shelter and vomit four times in a row. Whooooosh. So I head off to the 'loo and try to clean up as best I can. It was so bad I had to get an anti-emetic shot and a painkiller shot from the Doc, but at least I didn't vomit again until I'd gotten home.
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Once as a kid during a family vacation to one of the quaint Amish settlements in Pennsylvania. Fell violently ill and couldn't keep anything down. As a last ditch effort to save the vacation, my mother took me to a nearby restaurant and practically force fed me soup and tea. I almost made it to the bathroom, but instead, I deposited my recent meal onto the table of a very horrified, extremely disgusted family.

We trekked home after that, vacation ruined.

Several other times as an adult, but all due to drinking. Only memorable one was in NYC. Had way too much to drink in some bar or another on Bleeker St, but was okay until a buddy suggested we hit another bar. Something about the short flight of steps leading up to street level and the fresh night air did me in. Got to the curb and dispensed with my drinks, and felt so much better that I was okay to hit the next bar.

What makes it memorable to me (beside my youthful pride at the time in being able to continue drinking afterward) is that no one on the busy street even batted an eye.
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Sort of.

After a debaucherous prom night, I woke up with a killer hangover. Since I had spent the night in NYC, I got a ride with my friend and her dad back to NJ. Lucky for me, there was lots of stop and go traffic, which already makes me nauseated, so I wound up throwing up into a handy plastic bag, which I held onto after I was dropped off at the restaurant where my mom was (I couldn't get into the house because I didn't have my keys). So I stumble over to my mom is eating with a friend of hers, and wait for them to finish with a giant headache and a bag full of vomit.

When she noticed the bag, they mysterously lost their appetite and my mom drove me home and made fun of my hangover.
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Just twice:

1. When I was nine and our plane was descending. I spent the whole descent with my face in the bag.

2. When I was in high school---this is much more embarrassing--and one of my friends was with me and my mom in the car, getting fast food. I can't remember all the details, but I think we had already eaten at least some of the stuff. And then my friend started singing "Here she comes on the run with a burger on a bun and a glass of Coke on the side." For some reason this struck me as being hysterically funny, and I laughed so hard that I got sick. I remember running for the Dumpster to lose my recent lunch. And when I got back, those other two people were LAUGHING!

Don't you ever sing that song to me. Ever.
"This isn't Wall Street; this is Hell! We have a little something called integrity." --Crowley, Supernatural
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Several Times:

First Big Memory: Puking while running up a flight of stairs because I had just swallowed a feather. I was nine.

Old People Smell, New Car Smell and a Full Stomach To Not Mix: After taking a great effort to each everything on my plate at a restaurant with my mom and grand parents, my stomach was bloated from too much chinese food. I was trapped in the back seat of my grandfather's Bonneville that was years old but, due to lack of use, smelled like new. I hate the new car smell. And I was trapped in the back seat with my 85 year old grand mother whom I adored, but she had that old people smell that is never palatable. It was a miserable experience until I just BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARF right onto the floor mat. A targeted gack job. Very quick clean up by removing the mat and hosing it off and I never got credit for that. But I did feel much better and can still remember the sight of the chinese food on the floor mat and thinking, " It looks just like it did on my plate."

Highest I've Ever Hurled: On a flight to Frankfurt. I had a severe migraine and I was standing in line for the lavatory when the flight attendants started preparing the food. The smell just did me in ( and it wasn't bad at all, but when you have a migraine, everything annoys you.) and without any warning, I just started puking. The flight attendant grabbed me by the back of my outfit and before I knew it, I was headfirst in a bag that was full of the soon to be used ( but not anymore) plastic utensils. I barfed pretty much the rest of the flight and was utterly miserable until we landed. Oh, did I mention I was 2nd in charge of a group of employees on a trip over to Germany? I felt much better, other than being completely exhausted, and we had the same flight crew back and gee...for some reason, they remembered me. It was that horrid experience that made me realize to go and get help for my migraines.

Topsy Turvy: August 1, 2004 was a high water mark day in the life of me. Vertigo hit me like a mack truck and every time I moved my head just.a.smidgen. my equilibrium made my brain BAM against the other side of my head with the result of BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRF! It started with barfing in the parking lot of a church with a major hurling episode in a hospital clinic. (That, my friends, is how you get a room faster is by barfing on their floors.) oH, and then because of all the puking, the diarhea started...right on the exam table. Good Times! I was too busy with my world a spinning to be mortified. After two days of near nonstop barfing every time I moved my head and nothing left to give, I was ready for a bullet. Oh, and I lost 55% of my hearing on that fateful day. Wooo me!

All in all, I think it is a two way tie with the Airplane and Vertigo for pure misery. At least with the Vertigo, my head didn't feel like it was going to explode.
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British Air, flying first class with my Mother from Philadelphia to Heathrow. A "friend" gave me a pill "that will pleasantly knock you out for the five or six hours of the overnight flight."

Well, whatever the dear boy gave me, I was violently allergic to, and we were barely at cruising speed before my innards wanted very much to be outards, and in no uncertain terms, thank you.

I spent the whole flight crawling to the first class toilet and getting to know it very well--every inch of it, close-up. During the few moments I was well enough to collapse in my bed, I apologized profoundly to the flight attendants and warned them not to start cleaning it up yet . . . "Ummmm, excuse me . . ."

By Hour Four, I was dearly wishing for a mid-ocean explosion. And by the time we reached London, I had all the energy and charm of a damp sock.
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Originally Posted by Eve

By Hour Four, I was dearly wishing for a mid-ocean explosion. And by the time we reached London, I had all the energy and charm of a damp sock.
But a very vibrantly colored and snazzy-looking damp sock, I'm sure!

Thankfully, my only drunken vomiting took place right where I belonged - in the bathroom, head in the toilet. (It was the first time I got drunk - Hornsby's, Jose Cuervo, & peppermint schnapps with a little pork barbecue sandwich on top for good measure. Ugh. It's a wonder I ever drank again!)
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I threw up in front of Barry Levinson and George Lucas.

It was at a screening for Levinson's movie "Sleepers" at Skywalker Ranch. I'd planned to go with a bunch of co-workers, but they all started to cancel, one by one, the day of the movie. The only ones left were me and the one co-worker who hadn't been to lunch with all of us the day before.

Lucas introduced Levinson, who made a little speech before the movie about how it was a rough cut, and he just wanted to see how audiences reacted before they went into final editing. Then the movie started, and it wasn't long before I started feeling nauseated. I didn't want to be rude and walk out in the middle of a private screening, so I stuck it out. After what seemed like three hours, I realize I'm not going to be able to last, so I'd better think about making a graceful exit pretty soon.

Then, there's a close-up shot of somebody slicing the head off a fish with a cleaver. I jump up and run towards the exit as quietly and politely but as quickly as I can.

As I get to the theater door, I realize that I put it off too long. Luckily, I spot the men's room door directly across from the theater exit. I walk quickly there and right as I get to the door to the bathroom -- I lose it. I throw up all over my hands and the front of my shirt.

I get into a stall, proceed to lose what seems like everything I've eaten since I moved to California three years ago, and likely some of the stuff I had on the plane flight over. I then wash up as best as I can in the sink, wait for everything to dry, go back in the stall and throw up again, then wash up again. The movie still isn't over at this point, so I decide to brave my way back in.

As I'm leaving the bathroom, I remember that on the dash in I noticed a bunch of people standing outside the theater talking to each other, and I realize that I'm going to have to pass them on the way out. I figure if I just look straight ahead, they won't notice me and I won't have to be embarrassed. Of course, as I'm leaving I have to glance over, and I see that it's Levinson standing there with Lucas and a bunch of other Marin county film types.

I was tempted to go back out and say, "I liked Rain Man, honest!" But then I realized that I'd been watching the movie for an hour before realizing that I did have food poisoning, and it wasn't just that the movie was so bad.
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Originally Posted by SolGrundy
I threw up in front of Barry Levinson and George Lucas.


I was tempted to go back out and say, "I liked Rain Man, honest!" But then I realized that I'd been watching the movie for an hour before realizing that I did have food poisoning, and it wasn't just that the movie was so bad.

That, my friend, is a post.
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In public, one two memorable occasions. Both self induced.

The first was when a summer that I spent hitchhiking around Japan. I was young, and had a blast. I was on Miyajima Island and had plans to spend the night at a campground there. I thought that there would be a restaurant or food of any sorts and didnít expect that there was absolutely nothing. Fortunately, or, as the story turns out, perhaps unfortunately, there was a group of Japanese Naval Self Defense boys there who invited me to join their BBQ. Soon we were chugging beer to celibate the great friendship between our two wonderful countries. (Note to self: trying to out-drink a single sailor may be nuts, trying to out-drink a camp full is insane.) Having not having eaten all day, the quickly consumed food did little to slow the buckets of beer I consumed. Soon it was all coming out, to the great amusement of some of Japanís finest defenders. A couple of them took me over to the rest room and joked and laughed the whole time I was violently heaving what little was there in my stomach. There were nice, and actually let me crash in one of their tents, rather than making me put up mine in that condition.

The second was when I ran into a favorite watering hole in Roppongi to see if my friend was there so we could grab a bite to eat. A client from the States happened to be there, and so started the drinkfest, again, without the benefit of having consumed food. By the time I left, I was so trashed that when I got into a taxi for the ride back I couldnít handle the moving car. Taxi drivers stop really quick when you tell them you feel sick. So, Iím in the middle of Tokyo, unable to ride in a taxi, the subways are stopped and so I decide to hoof it back. I get part way before getting completely lost. I called my wife (now exwife, and although that didnít help itís not the reason for the change in status) and asked for directions. Since Japan doesnít have many street names, I would find a block address, and she would try to find that on a map, and tell me which way to go. Not an easy process. Somewhere along the way, it all came up again. I leaned over a rail and deposited it on the road, but it splashed on my pants. Yuck. I finally got to where I could figure out the rest of the way home.
Old 08-18-2005, 01:08 AM
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Only once that I can remember (but I really don't...).

On my 21st birthday a friend and her husband parked their car at Bar 1, where we met. Then we all piled into my minivan (my mom was the designated driver) and went to bars 2-? before driving my friend and her husband back to Bar 1 to pick up their car. I very vaguely remember puking in the parking lot. I don't remember the actual puking itself, but I remember hearing comforting comments from my friend while she held my hair (which I didn't know she was doing; my mom told me that a couple days later).

Good times.
Old 08-18-2005, 03:22 AM
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When I was about eight, my family took a vacation to France. The minute we got out of the airport, we went to some sort of small grocery store. The smell of the meats and cheeses made me more and more queasy, until I had to go outside. I sat on the sill of the window and promptly puked between my shoes. I sat there in misery until my aunt suggested that I could move.

I also plastered in inside of a van with projectile vomit the same year.
Old 08-18-2005, 03:56 AM
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when i was 9 or so ... in church ... during the service.

i was in the choir at the time.
Old 08-18-2005, 07:05 AM
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Beer + Beef Jerky + Red Man Chewing Tobacco + idiot friend driving erratically = Argent Towers opening the car door and puking right on the curb in front of a sidewalk full of late-night revelers.

It was a drive-by puking.
Old 08-18-2005, 07:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Cliffy
Once in an amusement park trashcan after one of those spinning rides where the centrifugal force holds you up on the side. I'd forgotten about it until this thread reminded me.
I threw up after a ride on one of those when I was about 10 or 11. It was at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania. A combination of too much amusement park food, heat and the spinning sensation made me sick. I made it off the ride, but just barely. I got out the door to the metal steps, leaned over and barfed into some bushes.

I threw up in the parking garage at work one day years ago. I'd been hit with a ferocious migrane and was leaving to go home when I threw up behind my car. Luckily, they stored the ice-melt stuff and bags of sand near my parking spot and I managed to rip open a bag of and and cover up the puddle of vomit.
Old 08-18-2005, 07:13 AM
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I spewed some pink variety of Boone's over the side of a stucco balcony at an aquaintence's apartment complex. In broad daylight. I was too blitzed to notice if I had an audience.

That was a bad, bad day.
Old 08-18-2005, 07:17 AM
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SolGrundy Wins!

I wish I could throw up in front of someone famous.
Old 08-18-2005, 12:11 PM
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My boyfriend and I were spending the evening with his friend and his friend's date (who had also dated my boyfriend during our breakup about a month prior). I was feeling insecure because my boyfriend had gone out with her, but I was trying to hide it. Long story short, I ended up drinking a little more than I should have.

We were on our way home with my boyfriend and I in one car with the other couple following us. I started getting really sick while we were on the interstate, but luckily there was a plastic bag in the car so I threw up in that. I felt relieved that I managed to do it without the others knowing, but we had to get the bag out of the car so we pulled off at a rest area and the other car followed us. My boyfriend said he would pretend that he had to go to the restroom and throw the bag away when he got in there, but when he got out of the car he held up the bag for them to see and made a face so they knew exactly what was in it.

He thought he was funny. I could have cheerfully killed him.
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Three times that I can remember:

About 15 years ago, I forgot not to eat anything before having an MRI scan. I remembered after eating half a piece of toast. That was enough - once the contrast medium was injected, I felt the odd coolness rising up my arm, then once it poured into my chest, I was immediately ill.

About seven years ago, I had a case of flu silently brewing in me. Just walking along the street, same as every other day, and the emergency call arrives at my consciousness. I just barely had enough time to get out of the flow of pedestrians to deliver one of those coughing-barfs onto a parking meter: Hrack!

Last year at Faire, someone was passing a flask of "wrong" - some sort of rum that's right at the practical maximum proof - 191. Most people taste it, feel the intense sensation that they just swilled jet fuel and say "That's just wrong!" Well, I had just a little nip of it (and I mean just a little nip!) only to see what the commotion was about. Five minutes later, my body was telling me that it was definitely a wrong thing to drink, and I'm behind an RV attempting to eject it from my stomach. Only problem is I'm unable to vomit, thanks to a fundoplication operation a couple years ago. My stomach doesn't care, and it's doing all it can to empty itself. I wound up with a hernia thanks to all that pressure having no place to escape.
Old 08-18-2005, 01:43 PM
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Only problem is I'm unable to vomit, thanks to a fundoplication operation a couple years ago.
I can think of few things that would be more horrid than not being able to throw up. Not that I enjoy the sensation, mind you, but Og help me if I had to endure all of the nausea and discomfort and not be able to just hurl and get it over with. What if you get another flu? Or food poisoning? How will you manage???
Old 08-18-2005, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by soulmurk
I almost made it to the bathroom, but instead, I deposited my recent meal onto the table of a very horrified, extremely disgusted family.
I feel better- I thought my throwing up in a restaurant story was bad.

Mr. Neville and I were in Napa, and went to a restaurant for dinner after a day of wine-tasting. I wasn't feeling great- my stomach was a little off to begin with, and the wine didn't really help. I got sole in a cream sauce for my dinner. About midway through, I thought I felt a burp coming, so I let it out.

Wrong. I puked on my plate. I went running to the bathroom after that, and got to see my meal come up in reverse order. I was absolutely humiliated because I vomited on my plate- I thought of changing my name and moving to Australia, but I realized the Aussies probably don't want people who puke on their plate, either...

What came up after eating the sole in cream sauce looked an awful lot like the sole had before I ate it, and I don't even think the waiter noticed that it was puke. I lost my taste for cream sauces in that incident.

Originally Posted by SolGrundy
I get into a stall, proceed to lose what seems like everything I've eaten since I moved to California three years ago, and likely some of the stuff I had on the plane flight over.
Ugh. I've had vomiting like that, though not in public. I got food poisoning from an Indian buffet last year while I was visiting my in-laws. I think I threw up stuff that I ate back in the 80s...
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When I was four, I got some kind of stomach virus and ended up spending the day on the couch. My mom came to check on me at one point, and asked if I needed anything. I opened my mouth to respond, and instead produced a jet of vomit that spattered beautifully on the ceiling. Mom was not impressed.

I spontaneously vomited on my plate at a barbeque restaurant when I was six or eight. I wasn't sick or anything -- I just felt like throwing up.

I was a very nervous child when I was in junior high school, mostly due to constant bullying that the administration chose to ignore. As a result, I would frequently throw up before leaving to go to school or after I got to school. I always made it to the bathroom, except for the morning that I had a chocolate-chocolate chip muffin for breakfast. I was walking along the sidewalk, then *urp* -- the muffin was now spattered all over the sidewalk. Somehow, I managed to avoid being spattered; I went to the bathroom to make sure I was clean enough, then went to class. Later that day at break, I saw the janitor outside muttering and hosing down the sidewalk. I felt bad about it, but I don't think he knew I did it.

When I was a senior in high school, I got food poisoning from a local burger stand. I was throwing up at least once every hour. By midday, I was exhausted. I was trying to relax on the sofa, when I felt it happening again. I thought I had enough time, but as soon as I stood up I started vomiting. It hit the floor within inches of the dog's head. It didn't seem to bother her though.
Old 08-18-2005, 02:34 PM
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I've done lots of public puking, but I'll just give you my favorite story.

This happened when I was in high school. I had gone out drinking Saturday night, and I was still feeling rather poorly when Sunday morning dawned. At the time, I was living with my grandma, who had an iron-clad rule about going to church every Sunday. I tried to tell her I didn't feel good, (although I didn't tell her why) but she was jaded from my frequent attempts to avoid church and wouldn't listen.
So off we went to church. Before long, the preacher asked everyone to stand and turn to page whatever in the hymnbook, and I realized to my horror that I didn't dare move. I sat there rigid, sweating, and swallowing. My brother, noticing my distress, leaned over with a big grin and said, "Julie. Don't. Barf." I turned my head and BLEAAAAAARGH spread the contents of my stomach on the pew beside me. At the sight of two untouched pills glistening in the mess, I whispered weakly, "Damn. I lost my Nuprin." This was the funniest thing my brother had ever heard.
My grandma was completely mortified and made both of us leave the church. We tried to be inconspicuous but it wasn't easy, as we were carrying a wet ten foot long pew cushion reeking of used alcohol.
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Dung Beetle that is hysterical. I can't stop giggling.

I wish I could puke in church.
Old 08-18-2005, 02:54 PM
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I thought it was kind of funny too, once I got to feeling better. My brother was very proud of the part he had played as well.
Old 08-18-2005, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Jeep's Phoenix
I started vomiting. It hit the floor within inches of the dog's head. It didn't seem to bother her though.
She was probably thinking "Wow! It's raining soup!"
Old 08-18-2005, 05:20 PM
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My brother barfed on Danny Kaye in an airport.

He's on the boards.1 If he sees this thread maybe he'll tell the story.

1My brother's on the boards. Not Danny Kaye. Danny Kaye is surrounded by boards. As in, a box. Cos he dayd.
Old 08-18-2005, 06:14 PM
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Oh no! I love(d) Danny Kaye! If he doesn't show up (your brother, not Danny Kaye), please tell us the story!

Apparently, just thinking about barfing on Danny Kaye fills me with exclamation points.
Old 08-18-2005, 06:25 PM
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I imagine getting barfed on filled Danny Kaye with exclamation points.
Old 08-18-2005, 07:05 PM
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First time I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. I was at the mall and didn't have time to run to the restroom. As soon as I started gagging, I turned toward one of those big planters. I just about made it.

Second time was while pregnant with my second daughter. I started gagging in Kroger and made it out to the parking lot, right in front of the door. You'd think if a person was as sick as I looked that others might offer assistance, but no, people ran the opposite direction. Tacos and chocolate milk coming out must be really scary.
Old 08-19-2005, 09:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Rushgeekgirl

First time I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. I was at the mall and didn't have time to run to the restroom. As soon as I started gagging, I turned toward one of those big planters. I just about made it.

Second time was while pregnant with my second daughter. I started gagging in Kroger and made it out to the parking lot, right in front of the door. You'd think if a person was as sick as I looked that others might offer assistance, but no, people ran the opposite direction. Tacos and chocolate milk coming out must be really scary.

I once saw a pregnant woman spontaneously vomit in a gas station. She was walking down the aisles without a care in the world. All of sudden she stopped, put her hands up to her mouth, and started puking into them before she could get close to a bathroom. Thankfully, someone opened the door for her.

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