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This is kind of an oddball question, but I've spent more than a week researching this and I have come up with nothing but dead ends.

Where the hell can I purchase some little self-adhesive rubber feet? You know, those stick-on little rubber dots that you put on bottom of stuff to keep them from sliding around your desk and scratching up the desktop?

I have some desktop computer speakers, and they came with a sheet with little rubber feet on them, and now they've all come off and I need more (preferably with a stronger glue). These feet were pretty small, about 1/4 of an inch, but I have a whole array of devices on my desk that could use some new feet in various sizes. The closest I've come is some thin felt pads at Walmart, they don't stop the stuff from sliding around. Walmart also had big rubber feet for furniture, they were about an inch square and 1/4 inch thick, way too big for desktop stuff.
Ideally I'd like to buy an assortment of sizes, but at this point, I haven't found anywhere to buy these at all. Sorry to ask such stupid question on this board, but you guys out there seem to know such odd things, somebody's sure to know where to get these.
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Try Radio Shack, or any other place that has supplies for do-it-yourself electronics projects.
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I understand your frustration. I tried a few simple searches then a few deep searches and found nothing. I did find the felt kind, but that's not what your after. The problem is trying to figure out what they call those stupid things. 'Little rubber nubs?', 'anti-skid pads?', 'Those doo-hicky's under my speakers?'. Nada. Now I'm wanting to know myself because I'm irritated.

Anyrate, try radio shack or even a Target. I recall seeing those 'thingys' a while back in the 'Home Office Supply' section. Maybe try a Office Depot or CompuStore.
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The grocery store in the aisle with the picture hanging stuff and the thumbtacks.
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If you go to Home Depot/Lowes/your-local-equivalent, you will find an entire wall of such things, in all shapes and sizes.
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Nope, I tried Radio Shack. They don't have them in the grocery store next to thumbtacks either. I've looked an any local store that could possibly have them. Computer stores, hardware stores, building supply stores, department stores, Office Depot, Target, etc etc. I did find big rubber feet for furniture, but like I said, they're way too big
This is starting to really bug me. I know that manufacturers must buy these things buy the millions, and there should be some business-to-business website somewhere from some company that sells them. But where?!??
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Well Chas, I think I've found the feet your looking for. The first site is the cheapest. You need to search for 'self-adhesive rubber feet' in the searchable database (it doesn't want to link to the results I found). That site can be found here.

These other two sites have what you want but seem to be supliers instead of retailers. I'm not sure. The second one really caught my eye. Check this one and, finally this one.

Don't know if this helps much, but it's the best I could come up with.
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Here's what I found...

I have always herd them called Little Rubber Feet, or LRF for short. I know I have seen them at Radio Shack at one time or another, so I went to their website... A search for "feet" was fruitless, as was a search for "rubber". However a search for "bumpers" hit pay dirt.

Click on the link and then go to page 2 for the small ones like you are looking for. Being able to give your local RS their catalog number will facilitate them ordering it for you if you don't want to buy it online.
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Well piss me off. I was in that site too! Jerks. I tried everything but rubber. Urghhh.
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Chas, where do you live that Radio Shack doesn't have what you want?

Here are the product numbers for the three sizes/styles of rubber feet/bumbers they carry:

1. #64-2346 - round, black

2. #64-2365 - round, clear

3. #64-2342 - square, black
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Thanks go to CnoteChris for the info.. The surplus place looks good.

Somehow the world seems a better place now that I know there's a German industriegehaeuse producing millions of precisely engineered Little Rubber Feet, and presenting their precision diagrams on a web page. Now that I see this, I can actually think of a few sculptural projects I could do with 1 or 2000 Little Rubber Feet.
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Well, you did seem to be in crisis mode. Just trying to help.

Seriously, I'd go or order them from the shack. Meep has a good link.
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3M calls them "Bump Ons." You can order some at this site - or you might try an office supply store. They're frequently used in picture framing, too, so a large craft store could have them.

Heck, Chas, if you have trouble getting them, I can send you a few sheets - Mr. Mayo used to sell 3M products a long time ago and I've still got some samples hanging around here somewhere. Probably not enough for any major artwork, but I think I've got different sizes, at least. I can't guarantee the adhesive, though - they are a bit elderly.
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Get 'em by the box on Amazon.
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