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What is mainboard temperature

When I got back today my computer started having troubles, it would shut down. So I downloaded some CPU temperature testing software and the CPU is only 44C but the mainboard temp is 72C. The +5V, core & Aux voltages are also highlighted in red (which I assume means bad) at 4.34, 1.81 & 2.66 respectively.

Did some fan go out on the computer or do I need a new motherboard? This motherboard is only about 8 months old.
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Check the fans first, because they're much cheaper and easier to replace than a motherboard.
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I know the CPU fan works, the CPU is only about 37C. However even with the cover taken off and a regular fan pointed at the computer the motherboard temp has only gone down to 52 C. I don't know if that is a critical temperature or not. I'll have to have it checked.
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Dunno about boards, but I seem to remember that CPUs have critical temps between 150 and 170 fahrenheit depending on make, model and series.
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Your low voltages may be due to a bad power supply, or a bad motherboard. If you have another power supply, try hooking it up and check the voltages again. If you get bad voltages with the new power supply, I think the voltage regulation circuitry of your MB may be failing.

It makes sense to me that bad MB parts could be overtaxed trying to give you the right voltage, but overheating in their failing attempts.
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I think the motherboard temp refers to the northbridge chipset temperature, so the fan on that chipset may be bad. What model mobo do you have? You can call them and see if there is a third party fan that works to replace it with. You might be able to get an exact replacement, or just haveto use a reasonable facsimile (often, a video card fan is about the right size, but might be hard to get it to fit on.)

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