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Crocs (the shoes) are not edible

I just got this back from the good folks at Crocs shoes


This is a rumor, said to have started with a camp counselor who boiled a Croc, and cut it into pieces, substituting the actual shoe with candy before he fed it to the camp children. Although Crocs are non-toxic, there is little, if any, nutritional value in the material we use. We highly recommend you do not eat or attempt to eat your Crocs.

Thank You
Crocs Internet Services
Now we know.
Inigo "We highly recommend you do not eat your Crocs"
Just sayin'
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Crocs (the shoes) are not edible


::throws away supper::

Oh, sorry. Carry on...
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Hey, tell that to my dog. He's never met a shoe that wasn't edible.

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