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Pear-shaped men

What causes some men who gain weight to end up with that weight distributed in a female fashion? Typically, men carry excess fat in the chest and abdomen, while women's fat ends up on the hips and thighs. But every once in while, you'll see a pear-shaped man, with all the fat on his hips and thighs.

Is this a hormonal thing?
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May I suggest Klinefelter syndrome?

I'm pear-shaped...

An upsidedown pear!

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Well, assuming no biochemical or pathological abnormalitiies, such men have a lower risk of a cardiovascular disease and heart attack than men with the more typical distribution. They have a *much* lower risk of a heart attack than men with peritoneal fat (fat "in" the belly, rather than "on" the belly)

Steatopygia (fat thighs) can have many causes in men, including genetics (the male Phaorahs were prone to it) and endocrine problems (typically congenital or longstanding, IIRC: e.g. high estrogen levels of more recent (or acute) origin usually causes other effects on tissues first and a different fat distribution)
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All of my extra fat is contained in the belly and thighs region. It's so hard to find pants that fit my waist, but aren't too tight on the thighs, or fit the thighs, but then aren't too loose in the waist.

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