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Catan Number table?

Recently played 5 player Seafarers of Catan. We didn't finish teh last game until 1AM or so, and so packed up quickly.
I am organizing my pieces and I seem to be missing two number tokens (B and P) from the 5-6 player bag. I have all the 3-4 player number tokens (I verified the letter / number pairs from the beginner setup) and a few seafarer tokens (no letters on them plus I marked the back with a blue dot)
It's possible I lost them a while ago.

1) Can anyone tell me what numbers go with B and P in the 5-6 player explansion
(I think there is 3 of every number except 2 2's and 2 12' - but that still leaves which is which)
2) Is there a token table somewhere? I looked on boardgamegeek and elseweher and couldn't find anything. But my Google-Fu may be weak from being up until 1AM.


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For future reference:
B is 5 and P is 10

3-4 player list
A - 5
B - 2
C - 6
D - 3
E - 8
F - 10
G - 9
H - 12
I - 11
J - 4
K - 8
L - 10
M - 9
N - 4
O - 5
P - P
Q - 3
R - 11

5-6 player list
A - 2
B - 5
C - 4
D - 6
E - 3
F - 9
G - 8
H - 11
I - 11
J - 10
K - 6
L - 3
M - 8
N - 4
O - 8
P - 10
Q - 11
R - 12
S - 10
T - 5
U - 4
V - 9
W - 5
X - 9
Y - 12
Za - 3
Zb - 2
Zc - 6


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