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Internet Movie Car Database - if you're obsessed with cars, this is your site

I just recently discovered - Internet Car Movie Database. For the past three days I have been doing little else but browsing it.

What this is, is a website that basically tells you every movie that a particular vehicle has appeared in - and gives you a list of every vehicle in every movie. With large screen captures. You can search by vehicle or search by movie title. Even the most obscure vehicles are on there, including commercial trucks, military vehicles and even construction equipment. And it doesn't just feature cars that play a prominent role in the movie, either - this includes cars that were in the background for a split second. It may seem unimportant, but if you drive an obscure vehicle - like a Travelall, for instance - you will be interested in ANY instance, even a background shot, where that vehicle appears in a movie.

So say you want to find all the Travelalls in movies. Just do a search for it, and you'll be taken to this page where you can see them, with screenshots. (They did miss the Travelall in this shot in Sideways - my friend caught it.) If Johnny L.A. wanted to see all the movies with MGs in them, he could do that too. Same goes for any car, motorcycle, SUV, truck, or any other road vehicle (no boats or airplanes, unfortunately.)

When I was first told about this site by a friend, I imagined a modest page with some text-based listings of cars in movies. Wrong - it is ridiculously extensive, practically as extensive as IMDb itself, including all kinds of foreign films and TV shows. The full listing has an astronomical number of makes, most of which I have never heard of. You can browse here, or search by car, or search by film. If you are as obsessed with cars as I am, you will waste hours of your precious time on this site.
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That's very cool!
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That's just...nuts. I love it.

I'll just mention that the first page I went to was for Subarus in the movies, and it turns out that apparently the very few that actually show up are almost all from 1990 or earlier. Also, the page lists Van from the movie Cars as a Subaru Forester. I must dispute that; Van is, well, some sort of minivan, and no more a Forester than I am.
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My god I owe you a beer or something I had been trying to find a decent picture (and details) of this car from The Wraith for a while.

Thanks for the site.
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I've been looking for the Ferrari from Vanilla Sky for a while.

Better pic here (not THE one, but like it)

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Hey, I had the car from "The French Connection":
1971 Pontiac LeMans

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