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What is a Jack Bauer Bag?

I overheard some women talking the other day, and one said she left her Jack Bauer bag in the car because it contained weapons in case she had to save the world that day (and we were in a courthouse at the time, so she couldn't bring it in). All her friends laughed, and she repeated this several times over the next hour. I don't watch "24". What is a Jack Bauer bag and what kind of weapons might she be talking about? I realize it was some kind of joke, but I have no frame of reference.

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Essentially, the Jack Bauer bag is like Batman's utility belt (or Mary Poppins' satchel)--containing an endless supply of conveniently helpful items in what might assume would be a limited amount of physical space.

IIRC, my favorite moment was when Jack Bauer, in order to delay a suspect that CTU was attempting to track by satellite, was forced to hold up the convenience store that the suspect was in (until they could reconfigure the satellite in space). Lo & behold, what is in Jack Bauer's black bag but a ski mask! (note that 24 takes place in Los Angeles) One would also assume there are endless varieties of ammunition, tasers, cel phone batteries, and communication earpieces.

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It's a canvas messenger bag, kind of a nondescript-but-"cool" one, possibly in olive-drab or gray. I've seen them advertised on Amazon and eBay as "Jack Bauer messenger bags."
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The first minute or so of this clip shows the man bag in action (not so much what he keeps in it, but how he totes it around while defending America). After that, not so much bag anymore, but a lot more violent, so beware.
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Of course, the Bauer Bag pales in comparison to the Magic Hoodie as THE fashion accessory for today's counter-terrorism agent on the go. Not only is it stylish, but donning the hood can render you undetectable and immune to neurotoxic gas!
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Generally known as a 'Jack Pack'.

This is a Jack Pack
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BTW, here's an entire page of Jack stuff you can buy:

Uncrate Bauer Gear
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Q: What is a Jack Bauer Bag?
A: Chloe's nickname for Audrey Raines.
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Originally Posted by Sam Stone
Generally known as a 'Jack Pack'.

This is a Jack Pack
"Jack Sack", I thought.

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I bought one. It's a pretty nice bag, but the velcro kinda sucks.

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