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Can camels jump?

My nephew asked me an interesting question and I have not been able to find out the answer. Although I now know that African Elephants can jump, thank you to the archives for that tid-bit of information. But I am trying to find out if camels can jump. IF anyone knows, I would love to know!! thanks
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It says camels gallop from this page: http://asij.ac.jp/elementary/pro...ww/special.htm

Wikipedia seems to indicate that 4-legged animals have all legs in the air during a gallop, so technically, yes, camels can "jump".

(unless you mean a jump from standing still)
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Originally Posted by lizzard3807
My nephew asked me an interesting question and I have not been able to find out the answer.
If you wanna impress him a little, you could point out that camelids (camels and their close relatives) have hairless armpits. Due to this peculiarity, TB testing is done in their axilla (armpit). That should hold him for a bit.
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There's a Turkish proverb that seems to suggest that camels either won't jump/leap at all (not counting their gait in galloping) or do so only very reluctantly:
Cahile sz anlatmak, deveyi hendekten atlatmaktan zordur.

Explaining something to an ignorant person is harder than making a camel jump over a ditch.
(Now there's a motto for the Straight Dope, eh? )
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yes camels can jump, at least in chess

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