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Roasts of Friends

Maybe I just don't have enough friends, or not the right kinds of friends, but the idea of a "Roast" as on TV seems utterlu foreign to me. I read about it here:


Am I missing out on a key feature of Guy Life by not participating -- or even knowing -- about these?
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This one's sinking like a lead balloon with no helium inside.
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I watched a Dean Martin Celebrity Roast last night. the "man of the hour" was Dino himself.

It had Orson Welles, Ruth Buzzi, Joe Namath, Tony Orlando, Charlie Callas, Foster Brooks, Sen. Hubert Humphrey, Sen. Barry Goldwater, Angie Dickerson, Rich Little, John Wayne and Paul Lynd on the dias, hosted by Don Rickles.

Instead of being a corny, sad, old-fashioned, lame romp of has-beens, as I was expecting, it was sharp, energetic, witty, and the funniest damn thing I've seen in a long time. My sides hurt from laughing so hard.

This does little to actually answer the OP, but I felt sorry for the lonely little bumpy thread.

You hockey puck!
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Friends don't roast friends.

To use BMalion's example, do you think Orson Welles, Tony Orlando, Hubert Humphrey, and John Wayne spent a lot of time hanging out with Dean Martin off camera?

The real idea of a roast is a bunch of celebrities get together in front of an audience and mock another celebrity, who allows himself to be publicly abused in exchange for being the center of attention. Because nobody involved really knows anybody else, the event is mostly meaningless.

Non-celebrity roasts never work out because people know each other. It's not Foster Brooks and Charlie Callas making fun of you, it's your brother-in-law and your co-worker. And the people watching are your family and friends. The atmosphere is too intimate and becomes awkward.
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Chandler would make toast out of everybody. Joey would cry. I'm seeing Pheobe kicking those two skinny bitches asses.

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I've never seen the classic Roasts, only the new ones on Comedy Central. Were the old ones just as scattershot - with the "roaster" insulting other roasters and guests even more than the Roastee? 'Cause that's the part I don't get. I don't want to hear Lisa Lampanelli-is-a-whore and Andy-sucks-Dick jokes all night at a roast of Pamela Anderson, thanks. Pamela Anderson, of all godsforsaken people, certainly has enough ammo to fill an hour of poking fun at all by hersself. And they (Lisa and Andy et al) aren't earning money for their favorite charity while we learn their sexual histories on national television.

I have no idea who the hell Lisa Lampanelli is, or if she's at all talented as a stand-up comic, but I know she sleeps around a lot and has a penchant for black men. Whoopee.
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Originally Posted by CalMeacham
Am I missing out on a key feature of Guy Life by not participating -- or even knowing -- about these?
Only if you're a big celebrity.

I've never heard of roasts in a non-celebrity context.

(Except, well, weenie roasts and things like that.)
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Originally Posted by WhyNot
...she sleeps around a lot and has a penchant for black men. Whoopee.
I thought Whoopee was a black woman?
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Originally Posted by Thudlow Boink
...I've never heard of roasts in a non-celebrity context...

Kiwana Dinners, Rotary dinners, Country Club award banquets, there's probubly one in your town where ever drunken business owners gather to wear rented tuxedos and flirt with the female bartender.

They usually are spectacularly dull unless they rent a local "talent" to emcee and make some attempt at keeping the ball rolling.

Once in a while they're kinda fun.

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