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Do mice have paws, claws, hands and feet?

What do you call the things that mice walk on and pick things up with?
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In college biologial anthropology we called it a "grasping foot-paw."

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Calling Mouse_Maven....
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Originally Posted by Hello Again
In college biologial anthropology we called it a "grasping foot-paw."
That sounds about right. Only primate have hands, so a mouse wouldn't qualify. A paw is just the padded part of a foot on certain mammalian quadrupeds, and stands in contrast to a hoof. Mice do have claws, and a paw isn't a paw unless the animal has claws or nails, too.
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I was about to say paw, and then I remembered that deer mice are also called white-footed mice. So paw vs. foot may be a matter of preference.

Claws is a matter of fact; mice have them. I've never heard the front paws/feet called hands unless someone was trying to be funny.

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